Sold Perfect Naglfar Pilot 29.9m SP

Selling this Character, Perfect Naglfar pilot.
Included skins for Naglfar:

  • Blue Tiger
  • Spirit

Start BID:22B ISK
Buyout : 35B ISK

  • positive wallet balance
  • no jump clones
  • no kill rights
  • located in Jita IV

can start you off with 16 bill but 27 is a bit high.

edited to 22, if you are willing to offair iill accept it as a start

how about 20 ?

22 is as low for a start as i can go

Would bid 20 flat on this, core skills are lacking and it looks extracted.

It wasnt extrected at any point

How about 22B?

23b only for today

If noone bids more ill accept 23B in next 10 hours

23B accepted as a final bid. Im waiting for ISK and account name

isk send my account: Annaming2

Character transfer started

Character Name: Dannach Gaterau

Will be completed after: 9/8/2021 1:03:55 AM

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