Sold plz delete

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


8b b/o?


8.5b offer

10b and he is yours.

is 10b last price?

Yep, 10b and he is yours.




Why is it hidden? Can it continue trading?

Someone flagged the post, one flag and it gets hidden. You can edit the post and it becomes unflagged

Yes he can be traded and he is still on sale.

9b offer

Idk if there’s any ccp rules that I have broken. Why my post has been flagged?

Sry bro, 10b is the best I can do. Otherwise I’ll just extract skills and use that $20 to buy more plex.

Let’s each take a step back

Alright bro, I accept your offer. Plz send isk and account info to me. And I’ll start transaction after that.

isk send