33B offer

34b offer

It has been 12 hours since the last bid.

35 bil if the previous offer hasnt been accepted yet

I don’t consider 2b above extraction value to be a decent enough offer, which is why it wasn’t accepted after 12 hrs. But thanks for the bids, I will accept anything above extract if it gets to within 24 hrs of PLEX for good ending.

What price do you consider decent enough?

I have replied to your PM. Thanks for the interest.

42B offer, acceptable PLEX settlement (sell price)

Thanks for the bid. I’ll happily accept your offer if no further bids are placed in ~12 hours from now (or whenever I wake up tomorrow morning).

Payments can only be made in isk

43b offer

44b offer

45b offer

48B offer

49b offer

50B offer

51b offer

52B offer

53b offer

55B offer