[SOLD] WTS 2008 4.3m SP Caldari Char

Skillboard link here

Born: 11 Jan 2008
Wallet: 0 ISK
Sec status: 0.0
No kill rights
No jump clones
Located in Abudban (0.7 sec)

Allocated SP: 3,100,767
Unallocated SP: 1,266,055

3 remaps available

Buyout: 4 Billion ISK (I will pay transfer fee)

i offer 4.5b.

4.5B sounds good. Send me the isk and the account name and I’ll sort out the transfer

i will get the isk in 2 day time. If you have not accepted another offer by then, i will send it then.

Ok, that’s no problem. I will leave this thread open, but I’ll look out for your isk/mail

isk and info has been sent.

Thanks! The transfer has been initiated to the account you provided