SOLD WTS 34.8M focused rorqual pilot

Before I make another bid I’d like to know the end date for this as well, thanks!

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I give it totally 1 week to discuss the price.
It will be end at January 4th, eve time 10:00.
Who bids the highest price will win the bid.
And repeat that the transfer will be done by PLEX.

24B. Toon isn’t specialized enough for 48B and extraction is only 23B.

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Transfer will be paid by dollar.
Till now , the highest price is from @Zanoza_Vyvorant, 38b.

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can we close this bid now I don’t think anyone is going to out bid me

Thanks for your bid bro. @Zanoza_Vyvorant
I’m a doctor in real life, and i’m on duty in the coming 36h, can not get online.
Let’s change the deadline from January 4th to 3rd, still in eve time 10:00.

Fly safe

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time’s up. I accept @Zanoza_Vyvorant’s bid.
let’s start our trade now.

there is no reply from @Zanoza_Vyvorant, so the bid is restart again.
welcome bid, and this time I didn’t set a deadline, once the bid I accepte, we’d finish the trade.

35B for 2 days

too low for me , waiting for higher bid.

37b if we do it today.

i am canceling my offer. Good luck!

I’m looking to make an offer but can you explain why it says 36m somewhere and 34m in another, thank you for your trouble.

Rorqual Specialist

Corporation School of Applied Knowledge
Date of Birth 2018-07-11
Skill Points 32,793,317
Unallocated SP 2,014,460

please look in the skill board link
sorry for making you puzzled about the exact SP of my character.

thank you. Then my normal offer is 36b, i’m willing to pay 37b if you accept right now so i can make it earn the 1b with mining instead of waiting.

not rush to sell. But if you add to 38b, we can do it now.

I’m really sorry but i made my offer was not for just the sake of haggling. So 36b for auction and 37b if you accept offer stands. Thank you anyway

I’m sorry to refuse your bid at 37b.
Waiting for higher bid.

anyway, thanks for your bid.

I will offer u 38B on 2 conditions.

  1. Transfer is done on Sunday.
  2. That u dont pay for the transfer with PLEX, cuz its gonna take weeks.

38b from @Spankme_Yah is accepted.
transfer me isk and eve-mail your account info.
Transfer will begin in eve time 11:00 today.
It will be paid by dollar.