SOLD! WTS 49M SP combat pilot

64 skills in V
all Amar ships in V
all Caldari ships in V
Gallente/Minmatar cruiser V

Positive wallet
No kill rights
No jump clones
In high-security space, NPC Corp, docked on Sarum Prime III - Moon 2 - Imperial Academy station
Start price 38 bil


35 B offer

if by Friday there will be no better offer i ll accept.

38b offer

nice, so far you re the winner
one more day

Tomorrow morning i ll be online, you can give me a mail in game if you still want it

My 35 B offer is still up

If i ll get no reply for the 38B, then it s yours

ISK and acc info sent

Thank you!
Isk received, character transferring.
Pls reply to be sure everything is ok

Char has been received, thanks

Good, enjoy!