SOLD WTS Paladin / Marauder

Hi, because i dont need more this character i am selling him, 16.5m

Eveboard show more but i extract a little from marauders, hac and small pulse laser specialization, as you can see in eveskill board, i can use that ships without problems (was ina a hurry, extracted 500k)

have 16.5m including 142,567 points to allocate

I am outside the city but can deliver tomorrow in a starbucks when i can connect my laptop. Aprox three hours passing the downtime

price : 12b

is in hig hsec, no kill rights i remember, positive wallet.
Andwer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

I am for sale. Please answer thread, i am not reading eve mail.


12.0 b buyout

sold, send the isk and the acc name and i send three hours passing the downtime.


ISK and account info sent.

Received, i send you in 90 minutes aprox.

Transfer done one moment ago, you must receive the mail shortly.


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