I am for sale!

Trained from birth as perfect Rorqual pilot (Pass: clean)

Still docked in Amarr with:

  • No corporation history
  • No killboard history
  • No Standings
  • +4 Implants

Following key skills trained:

  • Capital Industrial Ships V
  • Drones Rigging V (max CPU when drone rigged)
  • Industrial Reconfiguration V (T2 Indy Core)
  • Invulnerability Core Operation IV (7min PANIC)
  • All required Drone skills for max yield including Drone Interfacing V (training Mining Drone Spec IV now)

Bonus skills

  • JDC III (+ Fuel Conservation III)
  • Propulsion Jamming IV (fit Heavy Warp Disruptor)
  • Cloaking IV (Can fly Astero)
  • Biology IV
  • Capital Shield Operation IV

:arrow_forward: Standard sale rules apply, positive wallet etc. & I pay for transfer.

:arrow_forward: It takes 50 injectors to get a character to this level (39.5b @ 770m each)

:arrow_forward: Bidding starts at 28b, ends after 48hours after first valid bid or @ B/O of 34b.

Cheaper Rorqual pilots are probably available but have been used before, are non-focused and have history.

Yea, nice info.
I’ll start you off with 20 bil.

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Thanks for the bid, much appreciated.

Daily bump. Will take 24b if offered, cheers.

22 bil

Accepted, please transfer ISK to this character & in-game mail with destination account name.

Thank you.

Isk and in-game mail sent with account details

Dear *,

You have chosen to transfer the character Tuq Rety to the account named *.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thank you, please confirm here once character received.

Thank you, i will confirm as soon as i get the toon.

Fly Safe

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sale confirmed received toon.


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