Bump for today. Offer too low.

whats the lowest you would be willing to accept?

In game mail sent

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Bump for today


Today’s bump. Updated post description.

35B offer

Thank you for the offer, still a little low to give her away yet.

I’d be willing to pay 39 if you could wait a week or so

Today’s bump



touble_man I have an offer for 39b already, so thanks for the bump but no to your offer :slight_smile:

Bump for today.

Bump for today


37B isk

StarsX highest offer is currently 39b

That 39B, you have to wait a few days, I can now! ~ 39B

I am in no rush to sell this character and am happy to wait for the person who offered first. As i stated to this person, I will not hold the character if I receive a higher offer.