MAX Mining Boost Skills
MAX Solo Mining Skills
Near MAX Reprocessing Skills (16M SP)
GREAT Drone Skills (4.5m SP)

Can fly Interceptor for savety travel in 0.0
Can Fly Amarr Freighter

Perfect ISK Machine!
Docked in Jita 4-4, no killrights, pos. wallet.
PW: 0000

Im looking for at least 40b isk, every bid below that is a free bump for me and my sale Thread :wink:
lets go start bidding Boys an Girls!

o/ confirm, IM FOR SALE

Char is in NPC corp now, cant actualize the eveskillboard link because the server is down …again…

32 bil

35 billion

36bn offer

Thx for the offers, but im looking for a bit more :wink:


i want to buy it now so tell me wich price you would acept right now

I think 45b is my B/O

still for sale

B/O goes down to 44b

i can buy it now for 40b

sry i cant go down to 40b…

42b isk ready for 12 hours can i buy it for that price?

that sounds ok. send isk and account name and i will start the transaction.

i got scamed on another rorqual B/O i reported him already once i recieve the isk i will send you the isk ok?


its ok. if i got a higher bid i accept the higher bid. :wink:

Still for sale