Solo Industrialist Corp looking for opportunities

After having been through a lot in EVE, I have decided that I want to focus on my solo industrialist corp that I’ve been having on the side for more than 10 years now. For this, I want to try my luck here to see if there are corps or alliances out there, that could see benefit in cooperating.

A few facts about me and the corp

  • Currently 24 characters in corp (from over 250M to 5M SP)
  • No characters in any other player corp
  • large reaction and good manufacturing capabilities, including T2 and Capitals (not everything with all characters though)
  • Active JFs and Capitals on multiple characters
  • Whilst I am not looking for major pvp content at the moment, I have plenty of experience from solo to sov warfare (most on the smaller side though)

So what am I looking for - ideally a nullsec alliance that can see the benefit in including an industrial corp such as mine into their ranks. Also open to listen to any other ideas and opportunities that people think could be interesting.

Indy is dead. CCP killed it.

This post should be in the Recruitment subforum. More people may pay attention to it if it’s there.

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