South of Heaven [SOHCO] Looking for Casual PvPers in Placid/Syndicate!

still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Updated OP - We’re now members of the VEGA alliance down in Syndicate and looking for some new friends to come shoot stuff with us!

Looking for more pilots!

Still recruiting!

Recruiting in EU and USTZs!

We recruited our first EU player this week, and we’re hoping to expand our EU presence more over the next few months. We have a director moving to Europe soon, and our alliance - VEGA - is largely EU based. We’re planning to add an EUTZ roam to the schedule in the next couple weeks.

We’re at around 10 active USTZ players in the corp, and we’re a great fit for anyone looking for a smaller group where you aren’t just another number in fleet. We do one scheduled roam a week - every Saturday at 0200, and we do impromtu roams and some PvE here and there throughout the week.

Come check us out if you’re interested in a smaller group!

Small group looking for new friends to pew pew pew with! Evemail me today for more info!