South Sun Industries - Now Recruiting

South Sun Industries is a small, startup corp currently based in Providence, looking for any casual player wanting to help carve a little chunk of home in New Eden.

We’re a tight-knit, chilled-out community that is just beginning its first leap into null-space; we primarily focus our efforts on mining and are about to embark on manufacturing, exploration, ratting, and PVP in due course. No corp activity is mandatory, and we always put real life ahead of the game. We’re currently in our early stages of development and are eager to have folks on board who are looking to help a small corp grow.

We’re currently offering the following to all members:

  • Alliance owned refineries and manufacturing infrastructure
  • Ice/R64 moon mining
  • Orca mining boosts in HS
  • Ratting fleets in NS

SOUSN requires the following from our new members:

  • Full ESI sweep
  • Discord (voice comms not mandatory, but preferred)
  • Omega account

We are more than happy to welcome any newer, lower-skilled players (including Alphas) into our non-wardecable HS sister-corp, where you can receive a helping hand in the form of free ships, equipment, and ammunition.

For now, we’re operating somewhere in the US/EU timezone, but we hope to expand on this as our membership base grows.

If you’re interested in joining up, hop into Discord, or drop Abu Galia or Laguna Elon Rothschild a line in-game, and we’ll be more than happy to chat and answer any queries you might have.

Fly safe! o7

Still recruiting! Send me an in-game message if you’re interested in helping a brand new corp grow.

South Sun Industries is still looking for new blood! Newbros are more than welcome!

Great to see our first few members join us these past couple days. We’re still open for recruitment, head on over to our Discord, or feel free to chat in-game!

We’re still recruiting! Check us out!

Join us on Discord!

More and more new members are dropping in, it’s been awesome! As ever, still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting! Drop in any time!

We’re still taking on new recruits, drop in any time!

Join us on Discord!

We’re working towards acquiring our first manufacturing station - join us today!

We’re still looking for new blood! Drop in and say hi!

messageed you in game - sonoros rahl is my char name

We had a short hiatus on recruitment, but we’re back and open for business again!

Join us on Discord !

We’re still looking for new pilots to join our ranks, but our entry requirements have changed slightly due to our new position in null-space.

The corp is still growing, but we need like-minded folks to help expand our horizons!

Still recruiting. Pop into Discord any time!

Join us on Discord !

We’re taking on more challenges as a corp every day, join us on Discord any time!