🐺 - Speaker for the Dead - Wormhole PVP C5/C5

This might be a good one!

This week is going to be busy

Looking for some good folks!

Accepting apps from pilots, new and old

Got some great new folks this week!

Oh boy, here we go!!

Oh boy, outnumbers 250 to 1, it’s almost fair tocthem

So far so good :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

Back to the pile!!!

Great kills today!!

It’s the weekend!! Good stuff

So far another good weekend

Deload is over, ramping back up

Looking good, added fw content

Ramping back up, wh and fw activity’s for the empire

Ramping up wh fights this week!!

LFG!!! It’s time to hunt

Been a great couple days for WH content

Great week of pvp

Lots of content in wh space, stop ship spinning and start enjoying eve