Spitball idea to "fix" cloaks and make afk cloaky camping nearly impossible

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Garbage belongs in the trash can: Main AFK cloaky thread


Wasn’t aware there was a dedicated category for suggestions. Thanks for being a douche about it.

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Vindictive much?

The flag is to have it merged into the main thread, or closed as redundant - nothing vindictive about it. There isn’t a dedicated ‘wrong place please move’ flag type thay doesn’t hide the flagged thread, unfortunately.

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Just wanted to try and have a nice discussion about an idea I had and some ahole comes along a rudely tells me to change the thread topic. Then I do and get flagged twice after the fact.

You are not new to the forums (other wise it would say so at the top). So i’m sure somewhere in the Blackout thread, you’d have realized that to keep things clean, we have garbage topics for AFK or the blackout etc… and considering the last post in the AFK thread was only 26 days, ago, if you’d have scrolled a lil bit down PF and I, you’d have seen it.

The thread to discuss garbage was linked. Use that thread. Here it is again for your convenience.


I moved the location before the topic was flagged. So your just doubling down on being a douche right now and not actually being helpful or useful in any way.

The flags are for an ISD to merge it into the main AFK cloak thread, or close it as redundant since you have been directed to the appropriate thread. This is normal forum management activity and not directed at you as a person - it’s a part of keeping the forums tidy and discussion centralized.

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Normal forum management? normal forums topics are just sorted by activity and not merged into roughly similar topics where people will get drowned out. So I’m more than a little annoyed to hear that I’ll never really get my discussion because I’m apparently getting forced into a general thread where the conversation is wildly unfocused on a broad topic.

The Devs and the majority of the folks believe there is no issue with AFK cloaks… So therefore all mentioning of AFK cloaky is put in one thread.

and you can have your discussion there

No point arguing that with me - I don’t set the EVE forum policies. Take it up with an ISD, and acknowledge in the meantime that, unless the rules are changed, posts that fall into a mass-merge subject are going to get fagged for merging/closure.

There is a thread for discussing the centralized thread policy with regards to feedback threads - feel free to add your comments there.
Discussion of Centralized Feedback Thread policy

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Reminds me of the Brad Pitt movie where a gang of MMA fighters change a billboard to say “Do you know you can fertilze your lawn with motor oil?”

Don’t be. Be glad that, unlike many people who post anti-cloaking whine threads, you didn’t spend too much time on it before someone directed you to the trash can. No change to cloaking is happening, nor is any change necessary or justified, and there is no discussion to be had besides “no”.


Risk free Intel is bad for the game. Just cause you don’t agree doesn’t mean your correct.

I agree. Local should be removed, but that is off-topic.

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Risk free intel? Open the map, Eve gives us a ton of intel risk-free, just click the buttons. Then read through the monthly economic report. Risk free. Then head over to Zkill. Is somebody trying to outlaw killboards?

What’s the risk in pressing Dscan?

Well I’m more than a little annoyed I don’t get 10 isk every time someone makes an afk-cloak thread. I could buy Delve.