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Welcome to your first step to becoming a spud.

Spudden Attack is a new player friendly corporation that will help you get the hang of the amazing but extremely complicated world of New Eden. New Players will be trained by our awesome training managers. We have skill plans, classes and mentors waiting for you. You will be moulded into lethal capsuleers ready to take New Eden on. We like to make sure everyone feels welcomed so that we have a family feel to the place. No question is a stupid one. We have all been there and been a new person with millions of questions.

What we are looking for in Spudden Attack is a willingness to get out there and do stuff with people. This is a social multiplayer game and so if you just want to do stuff by yourself then we not the place for you. We want everyone to be able to defend themselves because New Eden is not a nice place so if you not interested in defending your space or help your fellow Corporation and Alliance defend the space you in then again this is not the place for you.

Even though we have classes and FC’s for new players we expect you to go out on your own and find something to do in your New Eden adventure. We not there to tell you what to do but how best to achieve your goals with a mentor to guide you. You get extra brownie points with our training managers if you take out a couple of fellow Spuds yourself. This could be mining fleets once you know what you doing, Mission running fleets or even PVP roams. You never too new in the game to give leading a group of people a try and we encourage people to do it. The more content we have in the corp the more fun we have together.


  • Able to fly a frigate
  • Able to speak English, working mic would be fantastic
  • 18+ in RL
  • Able to create content for oneself and others
  • Discord

If this all sounds like a place for you then we welcome you to our discord.

Public Channel: SPUD5

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Great way to get into Piracy. You will be flying with the main guys in fleet and we have lots to teach new players wanting to get into piracy.

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Daily Bump and looking for new pirates wanting to try out the life of the low sec scum

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