Spukhaus - Winter is coming (EU-TZ)



We are a new alliance but our core is old players.
The professional dismantling of ships, in all its variations, is our profession.

We looking for:

We are a PVP alliance. Everyone needs to krab, but the reason why we play is to see a
lot of explosions (enemies, preferably). This should be reflected in your priorities.

Mature and friendly players. We are a real life first, family friendly alliance. We don’t put up with drama, racism, shitposting, etc. Zero toxicity.

Activity and fun! We want to fly with people who enjoy the game.

Some knowledge and skill is preferred, but secondary to our culture. We can teach you to be better at EVE, we can’t teach you to be better at being a human.

We can offer:

Content. We have frequent roams, and small gang action in lowsec.

No killboard warrioring. We don`t care in whatever you die. You will be laughed at for dying in your extravagant fit, but you are definitely allowed to.

People that will offer help and constructive criticism instead of being smug.

Comms that won’t make your ears bleed after 5 minutes.

Interested to join us with your corp? Or you want to join 1 of our corpororations yourself. Join our public “Spukhaus Pub”

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recruiting is open

recruiting is open

recruiting is still open

recruiting is open

Winter is comming we recruiting

we still recruiting