SYNDICATE PVP/INDUSTRY - Revenent Defence Corporation [RDC/I-RED]

Big blue donut got you down? Check us out

Fight. Build. Belong!

It’s time to resub and have some fun with us!

Fly with us today

Fly with us over the holidays!

We are recruiting!

Good balance of activities, come join us for a roam!

Hello i am interested in joining the corps. I am a new player and i am interested in Mining.

You can do that! Pretty much anything. Good peeps, Good times!

Do you also accept newbros? Started playing 2 month ago. I like PVE / mining / indy / mission running the most. Got around 5M SP atm.

Yes, welcome aboard!

Still accepting pilots!

Things are getting interesting in Syndicate - Join us today!

As a returning newbro, this is a friendly and very helpful corp. This tight-knit team provides more content than just posted corp and alliance ops as many members are willing to share in their activities, providing new experiences and role play options allowing you to be included in the team as a whole. Just like all relocating experiences go, you must take time to evaluate the environment but it is up to you to put forth the effort to strengthen your growing interest to be a supporting role to the team. Very knowledgeable, helpful but limited hand holding corp.

I would recommend to a friend or family member.

Still recruiting!