T3 Manufacturing spreadsheet -2021 - Close Beta

T3 Manufacturing Google Sheet 2021 :lobster:

I have developed a simple excel tool that can help you with your T3 manufacturing.

I was looking for a tool that could tell me how much gas I need to huff considering what I already have in my hangars. Same thing I wanted for polymer and component level. I did not want only a total amount of materials needed for X amount of Tengus (for example) but also the full breakdown.

  • There will be also the option to change the trade hub prices
  • As you can observe in the image bellow, we will get information like, how much I need to manufacture from a specific product (Fulleroferrocene 36672) based on what we already have and also the structure bonus
  • Also we can see the overproduction of a specific element.
  • The needed elements are shown also considering the jobs that are currently running

To be short, you just need to copy paste the amount of materials into this excel file, type in the amount of final products you want to make and the excel will tell you the exact materials needed.

The only thing that this excel is not doing yet is that it calculates the requirement using t3 BPC of ME0 and TE0

I want to know the feedback you have based on the information that I’ve provided. And if somebody actually needs this tool. I am using this on a daily basis. The file is still in development but I will release it soon.

T3 Manufacturing tool
  • Yes, it’s very useful
  • I don’t know
  • No, I don’t see the need

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Good sheet, well done.

(Not sure how I voted incorrectly)

Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it!

Since I’ve received so far a lot of positive votes I will also consider making a stand alone app. I don’t know exactly what are the steps to be done so I also have CCP approval. @Zifrian I would want to discuss a bit with you if possible since you are the IPH developer and I’m also using IPH. Thank you.

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New changes are coming in April, please see following link.

Sorry to see some wasted time, if you need help on round 2, let me know.

T3 manufacturing is not impacted by these changes. This tool will be for T3 production only.

I’d love to play with this, are you releasing it soon?

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Hey, yea I will release it soon, for the moment it can calculate Legions and Confessors but I want to implement also the rest of the ships. I was quite busy with corporation topics these days.

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