Tech One PVE Frigates -- Discussion and Poll Thread

Hi everyone.

The following fits have been reviewed end shortlisted by the community fitting team and we would like your feedback. Please vote in the polls for your favourite ship and use this thread to provide any feedback on the fits that we’re considering.

If your fit was not chosen this round, don’t fret! We limited the poll options to five to make it easier to vote, so in some cases viable fits were not included because they were similar to other poll options. In other cases, fits that did not meet the fit purpose or fitting requirements were not selected.

Good luck capsuleers!





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Why did people put rigs on? With the same cost, you could just get a destroyer! Also I hope people did this with CPU and PG skills in mind. As alphas can’t run as much stuff as most omegas!

@Tychicus_Banner before listing fits in this thread I check their power grid and CPU requirements against the current skill caps for alphas so they should be able to fly these fits, though in some cases it will be tight.

If you do spot any fits listed here that do not meet Alpha fitting requirements let me know.

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Some rigs are cheaper than some mods. Look at the fits with costs attached, they are still cheaper than equivalent dessies.

If some fits attract very few votes will isd’s pick one based on their own views?

I cant help but feel that the point of these fits is for the brand new pilot. As 'Beginner" fits they are there to provide some guidance on how you could fit a ship, and highlight some of the options that using meta modules provide us.

Any fit that requires near max Alpha pilot skills to fly seems to me to miss the mark, An alpha pilot will take months to get to that point, and will probably be looking too Medium sized hulls (or larger following upcoming alpha changes) at that point for their PvE needs. They will probably have started developing a fitting style of their own by then as well.

Then what sp point do you use? The only two common points all alphas will have are fully trained (which is several months) or starting skills (which disallows some integral equipment like cap mods). To do anything inbetween will be inconsistent from player to player and confusing.

I say that as someone who has tried to post fits with numbers based on around a days skipping. But Standardisation is probably a good thing.

When making a fit i start off with a starter skill set. Then i choose modules to minimize the fitting requirements, then i look at what additional fitting skills are required for my fit, and if it is only a minimal additional train then i consider that a good candidate.

I agree that a days training is reasonable… 4-5 months is not, for a ship designed to do Career Agents, the SOE epic arc, and level 1 missions.

I don’t think you’d want to specify a set of max skills that we should be using, as the additional skills for each ship might be different. rather leave it up to us to say what additional skills above the starter set are required.

My comments were primarily aimed at the ISD guys for selecting some ships in the polls above that require a significant investment in skill training, that just seems completely at odds with the original specification of what the fits were supposed to be designed for. What do they do if that fit then wins the poll by a significant margin? its not really going to be useful to the new pilot starting the SOE epic arc after several game play sessions.

I am not sure that this is the best way to look at this, these fits are supposed to provide guidance toward what a good fit might be, not necessarily to be attainable on day one. I think there needs to be a degree of aspiration.

As I understand it these will work with the fitting simulator in game so that someone without quite the skills for the fit could look at the suggested fit and then make amendments to suit their needs. These are suggestions that are supposed to provide inspiration not be “doctrine” fits that are set in stone.

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From the original brief at the start of each thread

This fit is aimed at new players who are doing low level PVE including the Career Agents, Sisters of Eve Epic Arc and level one missions.

My interpretation of that is that they are supposed to be usable by very new players, as they try to work through their early PvE encounters, then again i might be wrong…

new players are going to look at these and assume straight away that this is what they SHOULD be using. That’s unavoidable when it’s a noob fit recommended by the game.

When it comes to fits new players should ‘aspire’ to, by the time they get to that point they should have self taught themselves how to fit AND moved on from level 1 missions or soe epic arc. In fact, they probably won’t be using a frigate to pve.

The experience of learning how to fit shouldn’t be replaced with ‘this is what you should fly when maxed alpha’. Which is what some are looking like.

Thank-you to everyone for your feedback so far.

In regard to @One_Two_Buklemaschu 's comment. I put through any fit that met our requirements, namely any fit that was completed where possible and could be flown under the alpha cap using only meta modules. Though I am incline to agree with you, and everyone else regarding skills some of these fits are somewhat unrealistic.

Assuming my higher-ups approve it, I am looking to add two versions of each frigate to the game where possible, a lower skilled variation and a higher skilled variation. I will get back to you all when I have a decision on that.

Thanks again for the feedback please keep it coming.

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I am going to keep this open for another 24 hours.

Last comment?

I always tell new Minmatar players in Corp to do a Passive Shield fit on a Rifter Frigate right at the start since that’s easiest to do with very low skill points.

Anyway, creds to ISD Stall, I think this forum is very helpful for new players, especially if a link to it was placed in the NPC starter Corp chat channels.

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