Telissia Star's life goal

Hello all so we are aware off the person who has gone through every system in eve i was thinking off killing a single ship in every system but i dont know how to track that as i dont have a tick list for every system hahahaha SO my current goal is to kill 1 off every ship :slight_smile: down bellow is my kill list i will post in the comments every week off the updates i killed in the week happened if anyone wants to help towards this list feel free (hopefully the harder kills :wink: ) fly dangerous all o7

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You’re going to struggle in career and designated newbie systems unless you use paid actors. Either way, good luck on your endeavour. Perhaps make a travel blog about it so you create content for others to view and consume, EVE is a player driven game after all :slight_smile:

so far 3 kills in amarr :slight_smile: 1 duel 1 gank (the nado) and 1 flashie hehe i would do a block not sure where i would do it tho ?

For ease of starting up a new blog, you might want to check this list:

Or you can search for other gaming blogs, see what other people are doing. Some people also create a Youtube channel and post videos of their progress there.


well here i go my first attempt off a blog hope its good :slight_smile:


To keep yourself safe as you trek across new eden, i would keep this handy