🇬🇧 TEMPLAR High Activity Null Sec 0.0 Corporation - [INIT]

Highly active EUtz corp, WL2M pvp’ers, for good times, lots of pew and the occasional laugh.

We’re still chewing gum and recruiting - and we’re all out of gum! It’s a great chance to be part of the huge war unfolding - whether you want to fly a Logi and keep your fleetmates alive, smash hostile caps with a dreadnought or scout in a covops we want you!

Hit us up in our ingame channel “OUTREMER” or discord: TEMPLAR.

We recruiting all manics with a hunger for pvp, join our discord and come have a talk to see if you will fit in here! :smiley:

Join a corp that values quality over quantity, that values high activity over casual play, that values the meaning of togetherness over solo endeavours. Join Templar today!

We are recruiting highly active and experienced pvp’ers. Lots of action right now so join us today and get involved.

Lots of killmails to be had in Templar!

Just a shout out - we are looking for new members to come and join us. We’ve got plenty of pvp action (all scales) as well as great opportunities to make money. We’re a frinedly bunch so drop by our public channel and find out if we can be your new home!

Come in for a friendly chat! maybe this is the place for you!

Seeking small disintegrator specialization V enthusiasts.

Experienced and active PvP pilots wanted. Everything you could want from NS life, all in one place. Make TEMPLAR your home today!