TEST vs Goons: this war is a joke

They are still around and stronger than ever. Somebody just wasted their isk.

Why then they spent so much time and resources to take control over their region? They can just sit in hisec and mine veld for 24/7.
Complete profit with no loss.

No this is great. It would be horrible if they tried to intervene in the sandbox. But I don’t expect the regular carebear here to understand that. So please, stay mad and cry a bit more about how CCP should play the game for you

The Fall of an Empire
Supercap & titan warfare has become risky. You destroy the force projection once and rebuilding them takes months, so it will be a game of attrition (Goons their favorite game) :grin:

It is gonna be glorious :star_struck:

Nodoby ask this. But maybe it’s time to make sandbox a bit wider cuz it’s already full of kids?

If you make it wider the established powers will instantly grab the new space. You are still asking for special treatment and you are still too dense to even realize it.

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Oh they can, they just can’t do it in one go due to the mass limit. Rolling holes is a thing that can be used both defensively and aggressively, and then there’s having someone inside reporting where any new holes link to.

It’s been done before and it will be done again.

With the current mechanics, you have to contend with damage caps, the vulnerability timer, and tidi. I believe Mr. Raven is referring to the idea that, with TiDi and no caps/supercaps, the TiDi will make it virtually impossible to destroy the structure within the vulnerability window.

CCP could change that TiDi invulnerability mechanic at any time, however.

Well with goons busy with their war I can sneak in more game time on other games as the “we want to ruin your game” bunch is busy here :slightly_smiling_face: I can farm my other games without the grief players alliance.

Ahh I get you, while it may be possible to bring in enough DPS to do the job, you can’t use it effectively due to other mechanics.

My apologies to @Mr_Raven_101.

I agree that gatekeeping how people play a video game hard is sometimes not cool with the cool kids. In other words, war is war on wars terms nothing less (or more) than war can be considered war, remember that.

Did you miss what happened to HK and the first keepstar?

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Why not? The purpose of controlling a region is not solely for building a Palatine Keepstar.

I already knew this was established, but thanks for making it even more clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

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If I mine all the minerals myself then the Palatine Keepstar will be free.



This has been done many times in the past and there were wars after that lasted a while. When you have a game full of ego’s they say stuff like that constantly before they do it. BTW usually battles that happen in a war are single fight events while a war is composed up of allot of battles (single fight events.)

Why does anyone care?

Genuine question

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Care about what? the war?

I am having a lot of fun being part of the war. There are constant fleets up doing all possible ops you can think of. With so many players being in fewer regions there are lots more opportunities for all kinds of gameplay preferences.

The thing which doesn’t matter is the outcome of the war.

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Sorry, I guess I meant anyone else lol

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:slightly_smiling_face: … you’re probably right.

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