The Bergmann Empire - We call Miner and Manufacturers, Carebears and Cutthroats!

Great group, friendly bump.

Update: Day 35 - up to 114 members. Released our Roadmap today which gives members a lot to look forward and plan to. Structure is one of our keys to success!

Update: Day 36 - up to 115 members. Our first propaganda spot will be released tomorrow!

Enjoying reading your updates. Find your vision fascinating.

Wish your people great success.

Bump up there

Update: Day 37 Up to 118 Members - Our propaganda video released today!

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Great video! I would like to join

Update: Day 38, up to 125 members. Propaganda video yielded some results already. Also added a “What we do differently from last time” section to this recruitment threat, as this question popped up.

As a side-note: Please apply to us Ingame (as described in our thread) - not here on the forum. That makes it easier for all of us!

How many alts can I put in the corp?