The CSM 13 Winter Summit Minutes are out


(Iowa Banshee) #3874

I think it’s safer for you to fly from the Delve side to the Querious Gate to the Delve side of the Aridia gate than it is for me to fly from Dodixie to Jita

(Brisc Rubal) #3875

It depends on what ship you’re in. I’ve had a freighter full of stuff blown up in 1DQ, the heart of Delve. I’ve never lost a ship in Jita or Dodixie.

(techzer0) #3876

You do realize The Forge has several low sec systems right?
And more.

And lets also just forget that The Forge also has the largest trade hub in the game.
Damn you’re trying really hard to push a narrative that isn’t true.

I figured a trade character would know all that. You did claim to be a trade character after all.

(Nevyn Auscent) #3877

Regardless of if it is “safer”. It is easy to know when you are safe in null. It is not easy to know when you are safe in highsec.
Also remember many of those delve ship losses will be intruders. Intruders dying does not make an area unsafe, it actually makes it safer.

This creates a situation where it is easy to safely rat in a number of null areas, while in highsec you always have to be vigilant. The need to be vigilant in highsec isnt a bad thing, but the narrative of how null deserves all the loot because it’s so dangerous really isnt a healthy one.