The Expanse Alliance is now OPEN for recruitment

The Expanse is your ticket to the friendly. knowledge, and resources to start you on your path to becoming one of the best corp in New Eden and a master in it

We are currently recruiting and actively searching for corps willing to do PvP and indy for out alliance Based out of the low sec system with a high sec island we have good alliances friendship with others in and around where we are base we are looking for PvP and Indy corp in both fields if you looking for pvp action the look no further!! I
if you looking to make some good isk in indy then look no further!!

-= What We Offer =-

  • US Timezone/ Uk Timezone
  • New corp Friendly
  • ship replacement ( on most small ships bigger ships coming soon )
  • large community
  • good mining and ratting
  • two ice fields within our pocket
  • low-sec with high sec island
  • Discord
    Daily fleets , inter-alliance ops,
  • networking, business with others corps
  • Allied fleeting with two large alliances
    (AND MORE)

-= What We Our looking for =-

Corps with good pvp background
Corps with good pi and indy skill’s
Also if your corp is skilled in ice mining
Corps must be 12 members and up

If you have any questions please join our join our discord channel
And you can put a application in to the alliance




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