The Great 2020 CODE Hunt

Quint, thank you for the invite, and the Iks, just wanted to drop a line and say hello.

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No problem at all. Happy hunting!


how i can to prevent gank if pirate jump to random undock bookmark and then to ventures?

Generally you have three choices to kill a CODE ship:

  • get them on gate
  • get them leaving their station as they go to a gank (easiest)
  • sit with the targets and ECM or neut the gankers when they land

The first two options require a fast-lock frigate (cheap). The third option I’ve never done so somebody else will have to tell you more about that.

It’s not easy…

Step 1: get trillions of isk and 20 alts
Step 2: Keep an alt on all the major ganking gates fitted with smart bombs
Step 3: kill gankers instantly and not give a damn about losses

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There are things to do to make you less attractive as a target, sometimes they will scan your ship for a fit beforehand, so fit it right , keep moving why your mining and change mining spots often , your never 100% safe .

Remember miners lives matter.

If you may guess the target and the ganker has lower than -5 sec status, the best way to stop a Venture ganker is with a cloaky arty Loki capable of fast locking and 1-shooting him when he lands on his target.

Excuses for your failures and short-comings.


Tacit admission that we are unstoppable.


3 kills bellow

Total bounties paid: 13.5M

Not holding my breath on this one :joy:

Quint taught me.
It’s a very interesting attempt.

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CODE really is outdated and obsolete, they are nothing more than filler content, a re-run, that is shown on Saturday mornings to fill a time slot.

To understand what AG means we must first look what a ganker is.

Without a doubt, a ganker is a honorable master of EVE PvP, an elite fighter, a true hero to the people and an example to every player. The players behind those gankers are known to be exceptional thinkers and outstanding personalities, yet still humble and always ready to help the common folk with their wisdom.

An anti-ganker is simply the complete opposite of that.


Bounties Paid: 15.8M

I’m not subbed, but im sure when im next on, a loser ager like yourself will be on and can see the 30 people report me in gank intel and follow me around with the other dozen or two idiots lmao

I’m shaking in my boots! Oh no, what will I do when some shitter shoots at one of my 30+ characters with a Caracal?!?! CODE. will be done for, we’ll have to go into hiding111!!!11 :joy: :ok_hand: hahahahha

You’re the man Dryson :joy:. You should come on comms some time. I wanna have a chat with you :+1:


Bounties Paid: 14.6M

Attention whore extraordinaire. My opinion is the best way to make you de-sub is to ignore you and leave you to your unfulfilling wallet filling ganking and give you no conflict that you can personalise to build up your fragile ego and to see you get bored and then de-sub, like you just did.

@Githany_Red I would advise you to just ignore this loud mouthed bitter braggart and focus on Tornado gankers. In truth he has already beaten himself in terms of Eve. :joy:

Here is the thing, he has 30+ characters, you have one maybe two accounts, I have two accounts, unless you can form up a group of guys that can cover his no-life ganking and be attentive and ready to act you cannot stop his ganking. Loot denial and making sure no one jumps through when he is active is the best way, and these people who stream Uedama gates are actually beating him. It is as funny as hell, he is beaten by a streamer who is merely allowing people to see Uedama local. :joy:

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Two kills at timestapm bellow

Total Bounties Paid: 19.5M

Today, after two hundred and two days of abstinence …
… I’ve ganked a condor and its pod …
… which sat at zero at the warp-in of a belt.

Pretty sure it was a new player.