:explodyparrot: The Icarus Expedition - Currently looking for (EU/US/AU) members

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Considering a lot of other corps it’s low

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Very chill group looking for like minded people who want to enjoy the game with friends.

had fun last night streamer came into our region
unfortunally only got the call a cap was tackled not that he was a streamer looking for a good fight whoops

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“two weeks later”

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Hi I am a returning player after a long break looking for an AU TZ corp. I would be interested in joining.

They posted a discord link there at the bottom of the ad. Click that and I’m sure you’ll come in contact with them real quick.

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How long would it take someone to get that kind of SP? I don’t want an exception made as I’m a noob and I know it. I only ask because every time I read a recruiting post I’m never qualified to join.

It’s not so much sp it’s more the experience and capability to fly certain ships but 6 to 12 months of constant training plus events should land you enough skill to live in null and make a nice living not including Injectors of cause