:explodyparrot: The Icarus Expedition - Currently looking for (EU/US/AU) members

Thank you for the reply! I was going to melt my room because new toons get 1m sp but I’ll stick it out and hopefully I can link up with you guys sometime down the line, good luck in the hunt.

Been a few but time for a bump

Turn up


Been with these guys for a few months & honestly, great bunch of experienced players that really do make everyone welcome, full range of services & pretty much everything a player could need.
If you are looking for a corp that is laid back & relaxed but offers a full range of services & experiences… look no further.

Do yourself a favor and join our corp, 'tis a cool place to be :cold_face:

US timezone member here. The Icarus Expedition has been amazing since my return to eve about a year ago. Tons of PVP content everyday, great moon mining, fun roams, and ops. Always something to do I highly recommend checking us out.

We’re still recruiting!

Want to be part of a 100 pilot fleet? We have those!
Maybe you prefer smaller gang roams? Check!
Maybe PVP isn’t your thing! You can mine the rarest ores and moons in Null with Orca/Rorqual support!
We have enough ratting content to to keep everyone busy and even capital support fleets in select Alliance systems. Bring your big toys and make that isk!

Don’t have big toys? No worries, we can build them for you and teach you how to fly them!

We have many members who came in after long breaks and we don’t mind answering a million questions. Just hop on our Discord channel and give us a shout!


Come fly with us! Take your first steps into null or, if you’re a null veteran, come put that knowledge to good use in one of the largest coalitions in game!

Tired of ridiculous tax rates? CEO demands making the game feel like a chore? Ass hats on comms ruining your experience? Drop that baggage and come live with some genuinely good-natured, laid-back folk who understand that life happens!

We have experienced industry, PVP and PVE players. If there’s an aspect of the game you want to get into, someone here can help you. Our requirements are just what’s needed to survive in null space. You’ve already scrolled this far in the thread… don’t let all that scrolling go to waste? Join us on Discord!

The Icarus Expedition is still recruiting all sorts of pilots in the AU and US TZs