The like and get likes thread

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I mean, with the chances of loot they give… Might start doing that dunno, gonna research more into that and see what I can do, cause I heard that these fleets can really kick an unprepared player

(Linus Gorp) #6727

I went shooting them right after the patch went live in my Black Ops. I sure wasn’t prepared for what was coming :smiley:
Was slowly running low on cap boosters, so I cleared tackle and warped off. Left them alone since then.

(Nana Skalski) #6728

You can equip all DPS gank hekate with polarized weapons and destroy just the hauler then warp out. I have seen somone doing that and he searched for the haulers with directional scan. There was you tube video somewhere, I dont remember how it was called tho.

You have to start aligning before the hauler blows up to warp out faster. Also you have to come back for the loot just after a minute.

(Gerald Mardiska) #6729

Bring back teh jukebox! SIGN MEH PETETION!!!

(Arcanith Lionheart) #6730

I just blew one up with my mission alt, used the raven navy issue, stayed align and at top speed, the very moment the hauler died about 12 frigs warped in, it was time to GTFO XD

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its funny people in TVP chat in game are talking about gank hecates right now.

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do it in a marauder

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Can’t fly one yet, but it was good enough.

Also, Hecates

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the 6666th post draws near…

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Think we should all stop posting to keep the number?

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nah keep going. i hear it will be a wicked fun party.

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so whats new you guys?

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An estimated price of 40 mill on this box the hauler dropped? o-o I need to keep an eye on these things when my main is out mining!

Now… I like skins… But this money… asddfasdfsfa

@discobot fortune
Should I open the Durcia Foundry Strong Box?

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:crystal_ball: Most likely

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Thank you Disco

I like it! … I have a Retriever tho.

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oooh nice…can i buy it?

@Discobot Fortune

what will happen at the 6666th post of this thread?

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:crystal_ball: Very doubtful

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@discobot fortune

what is 6+6+6+6?