The Order of Omerta is back again! Indy corp looking for members. All tz welcome UStz main

Are you burnt out on null politics? Want to fly and help some newer players enjoy the game as you once did? Wanna play big brother to some eager newbros and returning players? Wanna enjoy the game again?

Join us at The Order of Omerta …

We are The Order of Omerta and we are mostly a mining/indy corp. But we also enjoy missions/abyssals. We are looking for veteran and newer players alike to join our various fleets and help us build this Corp and alliance. Proud members of Seker Matar alliance.

We are tiny but were trying to find chill folks to who like to hang out with like-minded people while shooting the ■■■■ on coms. (discord)

What we offer:
Buyback programs
Engineering structures
Mining boosts
Nearly maxed out reprocessing
Moon mining
PvP roams and filament fleets (soon)
WH mining and exploration
Relaxed attitude
All time zones are welcome (us strongest here au eu strong in alliance)

What we Want:
Mic for coms
Esi check
Active for at least once a week (in eve online)
Bonus points if you like to pvp and don’t mind helping newbros out.
Relaxed attitude (it’s a game not a lifestyle)
Open mind (if you can’t handle people who are different or opinions that don’t match yours then don’t apply)

Future plans:
PvP wing.
Lowsec presence
Stronger industry supply chain (reactions/Gas huffing/mass production)
Wormhole presence

We are trying to build a great community and welcome others to join and help us create a great corp and alliance.

Come say hi and we will be happy to answer any question.
Discord The Order of Omerta
In game channel Omerta Recruitment

Looking for veteran and newbro indy players.

All tz welcome

Accepting newbros and veterans

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Looking for players to join

Come mine and build with us. Or don’t we ain’t yo mama.

Join our growing corp. Veterans and newbros welcome

Hisec rock junkies wanted. Growing pretty fast. All tz welcome (us is our main tz)

Dug back from the depths. Join today. Newbros (7d in game) and veterans are welcome. Even those dirty in betweeners like me.

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If you’re looking for a friendly Corp that’s welcomes both new and older pilots interested in industry and mining, you should certainly give The Order of Omerta serious consideration. Lovely group of active players.

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We welcome all tz come join the fun

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Growing our members and content

Started from the bottom now we’re here

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