The Pack. Worldwide - Startup Indy Corp in LS/HS [PST-EST]

The Pack. Worldwide - Startup Indy Corp in LS/HS [PST-EST]
If you want to get into the Mining/Industrial Aspect of Eve online but don’t want to join a Corp/Alliance with 90% of everything done and rather go along the journey yourself. The Pack is the place for you. Having started just a few months ago nearly any/all Activities are still needing to be done. Currently we are living in a LS/HS Pocket Near Hek. Come one, Come all, Join the Pack.

Everyday Activities:
:wolf: ORE Solo/Fleet Mining
:wolf: ICE Solo/Fleet Mining (When Available)
:wolf: GAS Solo/Fleet Mining (When Available)
:wolf: Industry
:wolf: Combat Sites
:wolf: ESS Raids (When Available)

:wolf: New, Returning, or Vet Player? All are Welcome!
:wolf: 0% Tax Everywhere / Buyback offered: 100% Jita Buy
:wolf: Currently Based in US, but branching out to EU more everyday.

Join the “Pack’s Den, Public” channel to speak with me in-game or join the The Pack, Worldwide Discord :slight_smile:

Updated Info, Better looking UI

Added Public Channel & Discord.

Got a few hits, Still looking for more!

Still Recruiting!

Still looking for more!

Got another! Who will be next?

Missed a few days but we are back now!

Corp Rework/Update done, Back to Recruiting!

Got 2 yesterday, Still looking for more!

Got another 2 yesterday, Still Recruiting looking for more

Still Recruiting!

Added a Buyback at 100% Jita Buy, Still Recruiting!