"The skill plan service is currently unavailable. Unable to retrieve skill plan data"

I get that message pop up every single time I open my skill sheet, and it’s always there when I open the Personal Plans tab. I’ve asked why in help chats and no-one knows. I’ve cleared the cache and verified the integrity of the game files. I’ve submitted a bug report and heard nothing back. Has this happened to anyone else, and/or does anyone know why this is happening?


Are you on a Mac?

Windows 10 PC


weird. Mac users don’t have that ability.

i just checked, i’m win 10 as well and mine works fine…

I’ve had this same issue since day 1.

I’ve suddenly begun to have this problem this morning, aka right now, too. I have absolutely no idea what changed since last night. Windows 10 PC. I wonder if I have to do a reinstall.

Yeah same. It was fine when I logged in at 12pm and I came back at 3:30pm and it was broken XD

Same here, just started happening this mornign after i upgraded to Omega

+1 here.

Windows 11 Alienware 17x machine. I’m seeing other issues too, like not being able to sell plex.

Yall miss this??

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