[The Weekend Warriors] Recruiting individuals for PVP in Sov Null


(howling wind) #41

Please join so we can stop losing ships to random WH battleships because we can’t effectively use our ships.

(Wolfsdragoon) #42

come fly with us

(Wolfsdragoon) #43

we do pvp activities

(Wolfsdragoon) #44


(howling wind) #45

Always looking for more guys. Sign up

(Wolfsdragoon) #46

come fly with us this weekend, many fleeto wow

(Wolfsdragoon) #47

next week we’ll do more content, just like very other weekend, come join us

(howling wind) #48

Half way to the weekend. Time to apply.

(howling wind) #49

Sign up now and catch this weeks fleets.

(howling wind) #50

Join our space tribe.

(howling wind) #51

Not too late to join for this weeks fleets, we recruit pretty much anyone!

(BacardiDesire) #52

Bump with another sick weekend warriors video! Contact me or any of the other recruiters if this might suit your playstyle!

(howling wind) #53

Get applying.

(howling wind) #54

Do you hate Forts? So do we! Let’s lose some together.

(BacardiDesire) #55

Daily bump so I can claim my 5m isk bonus for alliance bumping :slight_smile: Still looking for chill individuals!

(howling wind) #56

Another week, another fleet (I think). Join up now.

ps. Please don’t spy on us, we’re too ■■■■.

(Wolfsdragoon) #57

if you are part of a recently disbanded alliance, come join

(howling wind) #58

Have you ever thought to yourself “Gee, {alliance-name} has such cool doctrines but I just don’t have the time to join them and play in the week…”?

Well don’t worry, we not only don’t care if you never log in during the week days, but we steal other people’s doctrines all the time!

Join up soon for your weekly dose of Nightmares.

(BacardiDesire) #59

Midweek bump, we also play eve sometimes these days but weekends are way cooler :slight_smile:

(howling wind) #60

Get applying for next weekend fleets.

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