[The Weekend Warriors] Recruiting individuals for PVP in Sov Null


(howling wind) #62

Ending the weekend on a high note with a bunch of activity. Sign up soon for next weekends shenanigans.

(Wolfsdragoon) #63

come hang out with us next weekend or something

(howling wind) #64

How about applying? We need some people who know how to use a warp disruptor or a dictor. We lack the skills it seems.

(howling wind) #65

More dudes and we might be able to kill a cap without getting help from some random local battleship gang. Please help.

(howling wind) #66

Plenty of good content happening, sign up soon to catch next weekends fleets.

(BacardiDesire) #67

Weekend bump looking for weekend minded people who are looking for weekend minded alliance :slight_smile: !

EDIT: holy ■■■■!

(Wolfsdragoon) #68

Come fly with us sooooooooon

(Wolfsdragoon) #69

Lots of gudfites lately come join

(Wolfsdragoon) #70


(Adiego khan) #71

how do i join?

(Wolfsdragoon) #72

Mail me in game!

(Wolfsdragoon) #73

Come join, many many many many blobs to fight

(howling wind) #74

Join our weekend fun, we need you!

(Wolfsdragoon) #75

Come join many fights

(howling wind) #76

Apply now to join us as we watch SNUFF steal our fights!

(Wolfsdragoon) #77

Still going, somehow

(Wolfsdragoon) #78

Come along

(Wolfsdragoon) #79

come join k thx

(Wolfsdragoon) #80

hello we are still open for business

(Wolfsdragoon) #81

come fly with us next week