Theorycrafter 1.0.2 beta

Hi all,

Theorycrafter 1.0.2 beta is out for your enjoyment and testing.

Download Windows and macOS installers

Major new features

  • Remote (projected) effects, both by other fits and individual modules/drones.
  • Mutated (Abyssal) modules and drones. Right click a module or drone and select “Mutate”.

Other changes

  • Remote (projected) and command fits can be opened in a new window by right-clicking them.
  • Fixed a problem with double-clicking an item in the fit editor not working sometimes.
  • Added shield peak regen to the “Repaired” fit stat.
  • Show the chance of being jammed (by projected effects) in the tooltip of the “Sensor” fit stat.
  • Replaced capacitor recharge time stat with peak recharge rate.
  • Added the ECCM effect of remote sensor boosters to the tooltip of their “Effect” column.
  • Added missile explosion radius and velocity, and turret tracking speed to the tooltip of the “Range” column.

Sounds great, thank you.

This is very nice. Good job. One thing though, Skills affect attributes so is there anyway of taking skills into consideration? I’m not saying import a players skills but rather, have a screen of skills with level sliders so we could see in real-time how different skills and skill levels affect the final build. Augmentations as well.

Looking forward to future releases.

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Sure, skills are planned.

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One detail I really appreciated is how with double clicking a module presents you with the variants, and with a quick peak at how much power and CPU it takes up to decide wether to switch or not. Well done there and keep up the good work!

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Keep up the excellent work. MacOS users appreciate this app.

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Does anyone else get a “SET” error on MacOS if they:

  1. Create a new fitting for a Phoenix.
  2. Add a Siege I module to a high slot.
  3. Receive error and program crashes?

That fitting is permanently broken too, so reopening it later will cause the same SET error.


Does anyone else get a “SET” error on MacOS if they:

Thanks for the report; I’ll get it fixed for the next release.

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THIS. With Pyfa bugging out majorly on the latest Mac platforms making it unusable, the Theorycrafter folk can fill a niche demand amongst Mac Eve players for a reliable fitter app. :smiley: