This forum sucks

The ability to have calm, intelligent, and focused debate on any subject appears to be a rare skill, even outside these forums. It is just that in here, it appears to be even rarer.:wink:


blame people like the mitanni. Him and those that work for him are the primary reason why the game is in such a state right now. CCP is just knee jerk reacting because of their toxicity.

Well its too bad you did not put it to the test rather than try that entirely possible trick and see if it worked. Instead you have cooked up yet another accusation against me out of pure imagination.

There is no difference. There would be if my priciples were random things, shoved into my brain by various confused people, but they aren’t. They are handpicked, well honed, laid out and organized.

It seems our morals and principles are at odds.

I can if they have interpreted my behavior wrongly. Do you know that people trust men in suits more than men in T-shirts? That’s how stupid most people are. I can’t fix stupid.

As long as they support the core important principles more like, with an eye toward a better future.

Well that’s just wrong. I support posts that I find to contain core and vital principles, particularly truth. You would be hard pressed to find a regular here who has never gotten a like from me. MB Photographer or whatever his name is has gotten quite a few, and I positively HATE that guy on a deep personal level.

Yeah, it seems like the forum drama has been getting a lot worse as of late.

Yay for that.

No P2W

I don’t need to, because the OP already did it for me.

That’s just weird. Earlier you pointed out posting history. Indeed it does not take much reading here to figure out who is a total piece of excrement and feel the need to pepper it with swear words.

I got nothing against swear words. And I have nothing against leveling them at those who earned them…in principle. No need to have been personally involved. I hate loads of people in the news. Never met them or exchanged so much as a RL glance at them. Some I could probably be hired to forcibly check out.

The OP had been posting for months at least. That is a far cry from an ALT made today.

But anyway, look man. Nobody can read minds. But some can at least be convincing. You are doing a complete hatchet job trying to read mine.

Who’s deserving of that is your own subjective viewpoint. And that’s exactly why it’s against forum rules to do so.

But, to reiterate, it’s a matter of public record that you support those who act offensively toward others merely because you perceive them as being justified in their beliefs for doing so, as opposed to maintaining a single standard of behavior. That’s why I’m calling your insistence of “principles” into question.

If one of my friends acted in the same manner that some other people whom you support have acted on these forums, you can be sure that I would have a talk with them about it, instead of going around and heralding them as paragons of virtue and morality.

So I went back and listened to the Anakin vs Obi-wan dialog. It perfectly describes what is currently happening on the forums…
Here is the EVE version. Actors included are @ISD_Golem, @Ridley_Rohan and @Destiny_Corrupted.

Golem - Stop. Stop now, come back. I love you.

Ridley - LIAR!

* Destiny opens the thread and begins writing a post *

Golem - No!

Ridley - You are with her! You brought her here to trigger me.

Golem - No!

* Ridley opens a controversial thread which chokes Golem’s sanity *

Destiny - Let him go, Ridley.

* Golem struggles for breath, while tearfully pleading with Ridley *

Destiny - Let… him… go.

* Ridley accepts his thread closure. Golem falls to the ground and pass out. *

Ridley - You turned him against me!

Destiny - You have done that yourself.

Ridley - You will not take him from me!

Destiny - Your anger and your lust for proper labeling have already done that. You have allowed this toxicity to twist your mind until now… Until now you have become the very thing you swore to destroy.

Ridley - Don’t lecture me Destiny. I see through the lies of the griefers. I do not fear the toxicity as you do. I have brought peace, freedom, justice and security to my new forum.

Destiny - Your new forum?

Ridley - Don’t make me angerly reply to you.

Destiny - Ridley, my allegience is to EVE Online. To unprejudiced sandbox gameplay!

Ridley - If you’re not with me, then you’re my enemy.

Destiny - Only an AG deals in absolutes. I will do what I must.

Ridley - You will try.

* Sound of ship locks activating. *


No. Its just difficult and few are up to the task. Plus, forums want lots of members. The truth is not popular. Truth filled forums have few members.

Those??? As in PEOPLE??? NO! The words and the truth they contain.


NOT people.

Merely??? Beliefs??? NO!

Principles. Especially the truth. Those are not minor things. They are EVERYTHING for discussion.

Via all that is above, you have only brought YOUR OWN principles into question. I keep repeating PRINCIPLES and you keep accusing with PEOPLE! At this point, one has to wonder why you do that? And if its not trolling then what is it?

Your words not mine.

This is simply amazing :revolving_hearts:

I don’t get to often quote multiple rules when closing a thread for violating the rules, but let’s lay them out and then issue some moderation actions. Thanks for spicing up my day.

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