Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it

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Yes we really needed your brain fart on this. Thank you for clearing it all up, we’re much more informed now.

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:running_woman:It’s all doom and gloom in this thread…

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EVE been going on for 20 years. Get over it.

Play or Not. I don’t really care. But I do care enough to combat this doom and gloom stuff that plagues gamer’s mindsets. Go be with the rest of the reddit doom and gloom camp.

I bought a year sub (FOR THE FIRST TIME) because of EVE Vanguard (EVE FPS) because I am so darn hyped for it.

This was from a former plexer (had an easy 1 year streak going via plex) who made ISK via incursions and whatnot.

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I don’t think it’s a general mindset, at least I hope not. I did read a couple of articles on how “Gaming in general isn’t meeting players’ entertainment needs”, as showcased with all the buzz around Baldur’s Gate ( a positive ) and Cyberpunk ( a negative at release ) and that the industry is on shaky ground. Reading some of the reviews on Steam leaves one to wonder if anything can satisfy some people who would rather sustain a constant state of malcontent instead of looking on the bright side and be thankful that the server is even on.
If you look at my last few exchanges in this thread
CCP selling special edition assets for $ it illustrates perfectly how some people seem to bask in the negative, dragging everyone down with them in a feast of toxicity and declaring their pessimism with bold statements like: EvE is dying" or “The numbers are stagnating”.
Yes, the end is nigh… It had to happen someday :sweat_smile: But can we at least have a small sliver of hope for this grandfather of online games before we all disappear from planet Earth?

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