To be or not to be

So basically you have 59 mil. skill points. It seams you dont really understand that.

Completely useless video. Like the majority of videos regarding eve.
I have watched a lot of videos because i have studious approach to everything i do. Some videos are very useful but majority is useless.
You just dont want to hear what i am saying. For now the game has its concept and community has its stand. So if i want to play i just have to accept it.

You killboard says that you need to watch them again, and again.

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I would say that the content is fine, you on the other hand appear to be a useless wassock.

Evidentially not, or you would have soon realised what kind of game Eve is, and how it actually works.

To win in eve you need knowledge, not sp not isk just knowledge and you will win at eve, my first char took me year’s to get to 60mil sp, now for fun I made this char and its at 60mil sp in 1 year with in game farming. There is way’s to make 200mil/hour with a 2 week old char, that’s 1 injector 500k sp every 4 hour’s you can catch up really quickly if your determined and you have knowledge don’t tell people to not send you knowledge and vid’s, that’s retarded…

This here is more important than your sp:

If you want a lot more vid’s google these:
Friendly Targets

They have some good commentary and share a lot of incite, personally the guy that inspired me to do pvp was GodsColdBlood, brutal savage pvper.

Ok. Will you make a character one day old and fight with me?
And what about this? Will you give me your account and i will give you mine and we will fight and see who will win?
I am not saying you dont need knowledge! But you are saying you don t need skills to win.
So lets try it? Ok? Make a character one day old and fight with me.

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I would like to see your kill board in the first two months of your gameplay.

Its unbalanced and new player unfriendly game. The biggest problem is chronic lack of players. So in order to try and learn pvp i have to spend 2 hours trying to find a fight. And when you find a fight you run into a player who plays for a long time and has much more experience, much more skills, better ships and equipment and better fitting. And a fight lasts few seconds. That is the reality for a new player.
Ask any new player and you will realize. Ask your self how did you play when you started eve.
And what you have become. I have commented about pvp for new players and that there should be a way for new players to fight ech other and learn and make steady progress. You all attacked me because you dont like those kind of ideas. You like easy kills.

My last two fights were against Gene Gribb in a thrasher against Succubus. I didnt want to fight but i was jumped in a small compound. The other guy from militia who was with me ran away. He asked for a help to cap small compound. And then run away when Succubus came. If i had a chance i would have avoided a fight.
The last fight was a fight against Die Zir. I was in a rifter just searching for a fight to get experience. To practice reaction time. I have fitted my rifter with what i had in item hangar. And i have spent 2 hours trying to find a fight. I was in a rifter against a condor.

Sure I can do that :] tell me where to meet you tomorrow, message me in game and ill start a new char today.

Analyzing your fight’s: Your fit is good but kiter will beat you if you don’t start at 0 inside a fw plex with afterburner fit, if you scram him he will die to you. You are fighting a succubus with arty so it’s not bad your alpha will help break his active tank but you need to fly in a low transversal way to increase your damage and alpha, if you orbit him he will win if you set your keep at range to 100km’s and swap between keep at range and approach it would be decent but obviously manual piloting will up your damage more in this situation. You might have done better with em damage loaded as t1/faction shield fit’s have low em/therm resistance but it’s possible that the succubus had an em rig so your damage choice isn’t bad. this fight you could have won, set optimal range disruption orbit at 6.5km’s becuase of your low tier web/scram but its fine because of Tracking disruptor over heat your afterburner if you start off close maybe 1 cycle then switch it off if it burns its over for you and I would shoot the drone’s first, once his drones are dead you win that fight, your choice of exp damage was spot on, more than likely he uses em/therm drone’s which are weak to exp damage but he himself is probably hull tank so damage choice to him doesn’t matter to much. This fight looks tough, tristan’s you never know how they fit either way I would have started the fight at 30-40km’s and let him send his drones after you, kill the first set of drones and then only go in for tackle but don’t burn straight at him try to come in at an angle to scim him with scram range and orbit at 5-6km’s, you really need better tier scram/web to engage a tristan properly becuase you need to be outside of neut range which is about 7-8km’s while killing his drone’s and then him after, so here yes sp matter’s. personally I find if your going web afterburner and scram dedicating so much to control then it’s better to go long range weapon’s they will deal more damage at edge of scram range and will counter your counter - kitey in this instance a lot better than auto’s, but hey if your lucky and you get scram you pretty much win that fight easily but it’s damn hard. Slicer’s are scary xD your fit has armor + shield tank, its usually better to choose one type and specialize in it and use the rest of your points for control/speed or projection/damage. But lasers are the highest damage kitey weapon, I would not engage a slicer with your fit. If you had rocket’s tracking speed disruption mwd then yea it’s possible but his dps is huge so if you don’t sling shot him into scram range quickly you will die before you land a scram, hence scary ship to fight :], I guess than if you start the fight with optimal range disruption and once you land a scram swap to tracking speed disruption it might work but he will still have massive range and It’ll be damn hard to mitagate his damage.

Hek. 0.5 tomorrow. Tell me when you are free and i will reply.

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Sounds like fun. Can i come?

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Let’s make a 1v1 new char arena contest in hek tomorrow night, would be epic fun! Markoni can use his main. Can use a naming convention (first name of forum name + “_Level1Combatant”) for fun xD

Oh dang, I just made hubert mcdubert

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LOL, nvm about naming conventions then xD

Low sp/ alpha can pvp and win. Especially now when alphas aren’t faction locked and can use more modules. See autism prince 2012 (aka Suitonia) videos. Or my smurf accounts. Speaking of smurf accounts, your low sp/ skill restriction would not be effective.

As for upgrading or not… Games have/ had(?) a trial/ demo, that lets you play for a bit and decide if you want to commit, alpha is similar. Instead of a few hours of you get a few months to account for the e… complexity and uniqueness of the game*.
If you love pvp I’d strongly advise upgrading, t2 ships let you do funny stuff.

*it also lets oldbros coming back from an eve break to log in without submitting tickets and having a time limit, that was a mess.

Red, like yours, but those videos and others helped me a lot. Just listen to experienced players if you want to progress faster.

So one thing i now notice about the new npe that i didn’t before,

No one time small sp injectors.

So in the beginning you started with racial frigate to 3 out of the box. Then they changed it to zero but you got a free skill book and an injector that got you to level 3 with a little sp left to spare. Now though, you get level 1 insta-injected for doing the agency turorial but that’s it.

I admit, that should change. I start with a higher industrial skill and mining frigate skill than i do racial frigate skill. We should go back to starting of with racial frig 2 or 3 and then the agency bump that up one level or another skill like repair systems (see below).

Another thing that seems missing, repair systems. I’m sure this used to be given out of the box but now starts at level 0. This is made even weirder by the career agents. Who give me an armour repair system module to use but not the skillbook for it. And stranger still is that the career agents give me the remote armour repair skillbook but a civilian mod that requires no skills.

I think this should change to having at least the skillbook for repair systems given out by career agents but it’d probably just be better to have the agency inject racial tank at skill at level 1 like it does racial weapon and racial frig.

Career agents also used to give you a skillbooks for destroyers near the end but that is also no longer the case. (they still give a destroyer though).

So yeah, not crippling but training racial frigate to three is a bit crappy for an alpha.

You can all come a try. :smiley:

Won’t be able to come tonight working late.