The Minmatar always find time to celebrate and commemorate… RIP Unity Station! With the strength of the Minmatar Militia pushing into Amarr space we take a moment to pause and test our skill against our comrades (Shoot your favourite FC). A night of explosions and fun Guaranteed!

We have chosen the Rifter with its stunning new Hull update.
All times mentioned are New Eden time.

Join Channel: Tribal Tournament for any questions

Location and entry
Date: YC125 Saturday May 27th From 20:00
Location/Time: Auga X - Moon 3 – Brutor Tribe Bureau
Entry: Free and open to ALL who support the Matari people and their fight for freedom
System will be in place to negate pilots losing sec status/standing.


When: YC125 Saturday May 27th - starts at 22.00
Where: Auga X - Moon 3 – Brutor Tribe Bureau
What: Rifter Tournament. 3 rounds of Battle Royale in a 30 km arena, 1st and 2nd from each enter into a 6-man final round.

  • 1st place: Naglfar Fleet issue
  • 2nd place: Vargur
  • 3rd place: Sleipner + Sleipner Bloody Hands Skin
  • 4th Hurricane Fleet Issue Bloody Hands Skin
  • 5th Hurricane Fleet Issue Bloody Hands Skin
  • 6th Hurricane Fleet Issue Bloody Hands Skin

Ship Rules and information

  • You can use only the “Rifter” ships.
  • Only Meta/T1/T2 modules allowed.
  • No ECM Modules/ECM drones.
  • No Remote Modules
  • Free T1 fit Rifters available, but we recommend bringing your own.
  • You will need 3 Rifter! To compete in all rounds.

Tournament Rules and Information

  • Tournament will consist of 3 Battle Royale rounds with last two survivors progressing.
  • The Final is a 6-way fight between the two survivors of the 3 previous rounds.
  • Last Rifter pilot alive in Final is the Winner.
  • No activating offensive modules until round starts (autocannons, rockets, webs etc.)
  • Once round starts it will not stop for any reason until one Rifter pilot is left.
  • Warping out of combat area during the fight will disqualify you from the round.
  • Pilots entering after round has begun will not qualify to win.
  • Any non-Rifter ships entering arena will be asked to leave in true Matari fashion.
  • The fights will take place within 30km of a beacon, pilots moving outside the 30km range will get one warning to return if ignored they will be disqualified.
  • No returning to Arena after dying until the next round.
  • Judges’ decisions are final.


When: YC125 Saturday May 27th - starts at 20:30
Where: Auga X - Moon 3 – Brutor Tribe Bureau
What: Grab a free Minmatar T1 Industrial (ships will be handed out and all with have same fitting) in Auga. Racers will be yeeted to null sec, race to a mid-way system(announced on night) then race back to Auga. First racer in their Industrial Ship back(Send message in local) wins! Spot prizes for any killmails! and fun lossmails.

  • 1st place: 1 billion isk
  • 2nd place: 500 million isk
  • 3rd place: 250 million isk


  • You cannot Leave/Change the handed-out ship.
  • You cannot use Wormholes.
  • You cannot use Jump Bridges/Titan Bridges.
  • You must type in local at mid-way system and be first to type in final system to qualify to win.

I was strongly tempted to reply on this thread by sarcastically saying how much of a shame it would be were this event to receive the same treatment that Ushra’Khan showed our Foundation Day parade in Amarr a few months back, but upon reflecting on the type of person I want to be, I’d prefer to just say that I hope the event goes well and that participants enjoy themselves.

On a side note, I do rather like the design of the new Rifter models. One of the better looking Tribal hulls, I’d say.

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If only more Amarrians could show such self control as you… and liking the Rifter! Is this another Amarrian who has seen the true light of our autocannons!



Does each rifter start 30km opposite side of the beacon?

The ships can start anywhere within 30km fro the beacon. So thats every Rifter sometimes 30-40+ ships. Once it starts last Rifter pilot wins XD

Its not a 1v1 its a free for all.