Trig invasion event

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Are you suggesting that the Triglavian Invasion is responsible for this difference?


No. Hes just ranting in multiple places about how zero effort isn’t good enough, 0/10 troll bait.

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no just diffrent Things im asking, didnt want to create several threads for each Question lol

ignore all the stuff and just telll me when the Invasion ends! no Need to troll or feeling butthurt! if u cant handle These Questions pls stay out of the thread and Keep trolling elsewhere

It gets extended by one month each time someone complains.


so u telling me it will never end and its a permanent feature? well no omega for me then :confused:

Oh well

just leave the space the invasion runs for the week? same as with sansha incursions? and tell your RL friends when its so easy to scare them away they not even tried^^

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true, mmos dont Need more players! we just gonna multibox our own corps! :slight_smile:

i bet in some months eve Server Pop will be down the 10k range lol

Good. Eve needs less cowards. :slight_smile:

Oh, we definitely need more players. But they need to be players with spines.if they run away like your friends because of a couple of NPCs, they’re not gonna stick around long anyway.

For the purposes of the player base, your friends don’t mean anything since they never stuck around to begin with.

what about the players who brought me into this game? some of em were playing eve since release and almost all of them quit the game! the corp who helped me,… its empty! most of em told me that the old Versions of the game were much better and that the game gets more and more ■■■■!

also what is happening to the server, its losing more and more players every month,… all no spine?

nothing holds me anymore in this game, everywhere i go i see multiboxers or people gettin blow up by npc zergs, my rl Friends hate it, my ingame Friends all quit and my corp is almost gone! not really fun to me and i would really prefer a eve classic server (@ccp i would rather pay 50euro per month for a eve classic server than 1euro to this retarded p2w System we have now)

i guess i gonna wait for star citizen too atleast the game will be hell for any multiboxer :smiley:

Yes star citizen will be hell to multi box, i cant afford giving up Eve for 20 more years to buy 1 ship in SC let alone all my income to run by 10 ships on different accounts. If they ever finish SC that is.

Ok… did “some of them” quit the game specifically because of the Triglavian invasion or because of another issue? Because it sounds like you are suggesting the Trigs are the reason for people leaving the game. :thinking:

Again, are you suggesting the Trigs are the reason why the player count is dropping? :thinking:

That’s fine. People change, things stop being fun. You’re free to go find something else that’s fun and enjoyable instead of sitting here and whining. Go do something you like and don’t force yourself to do something you don’t like.

Ok… so stop? No one is forcing you to stay. :woman_shrugging:

Good for you, I guess?

not only because trigs but how the game changed over the years, most of em just dislike the Invasion and say its crap. for myself the Invasion is just boring and reduce my playtime, everytime they camp my station or wont let me pass a System i just play another game until they are gone,… doesnt sounds like a good gamedesign or does it?!

again, what is happening to the server, its losing more and more players every month,… all no spine? if u cant answer a simple Question then please leave this thread! i already know ur brain is not the best and u can be sure if i suggest such Thing like the trig Invasion would be the reason u can be sure i would add this to the comment just for you! im retard friendly! :slight_smile:

I mean… I think it’s fine. Just because you personally don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad game design.

I don’t know what you’re trying to say here.
I said your friends, who left because they couldn’t handle the Trigs, have no spine. I didn’t say anything about the rest of the server. Are you suggesting that the Trigs are the reason why the playercount is dropping? :thinking:


Weirdly that shows a rise in the last 2 months… So… Your source shows you are wrong.