TSCA - Personal & Corporate Standing Service

(Porknog) #39

Any word on the status of TSCA?

(Menza) #40

Is this service still a thing?Interested

(Johann Hemphill) #41

This service is still a thing. They managed to get my market alt’s standing up to 7.0 in only 3 sessions. It may take them a week or two to get a runner assigned to you but once that happens it’s pretty quick.

(Thunderx Achasse) #42

Hello, I stumbled into this thread as I’m looking into getting multiple corp standings up as I play the game. I was wondering why it costs hundreds of millions to only get the standing to 3.0? I’ve not played very long, but I can get it up to that point fairly quickly myself. I’ve got no doubt that other people can do it twice as quickly as I.

Just curious as I was looking at getting my corp rep standings up quicker, of course the upper echelons look fairly priced for what they are.


(CecilBanks) #43

Sent in game mail 8 days ago, contracted isk to Imiarr Timshae up front. Still awaiting a reply. Please respond.

(Imiarr Timshae) #44

Am doing so now - as above - CCP removing Eve Gate made my life difficult in terms of remotely dealing with things. Such a shame. Thanks for your patience.

(Reileen Kawahara) #45

Maybe you could consider using this external Evemail client for catching up out of game.

(Beekillrz) #46

Very good service, took 1 week or so to get up to 8 into a corp standing

(Risien Drogonne) #47

I sent an evemail a few days ago. Waiting to hear back.

(Amon Calis) #48

Still around mate? In all honesty considering demand, you could up your price😉

(Urse Naslemm) #49

Excellent and prompt service, without any glitches!
Thanks a lot Imiarr!
Raised my standings from 0 to 5 in very little time and without complications!

(Giles Crow) #50

Been waiting for a response for about a week…

(Imiarr Timshae) #51

CCP removed Eve Gate. I do not have a smartphone that supports the app. I have not yet looked into 3rd party solutions but I am generally quite untrusting. Sorry! Maybe Pearl Abyss will fund a new Eve Gate before they destroy the game with ridiculous microtransactions? :slight_smile:

(Giles Crow) #52

Id suggest neocom II if you have an iphone as thats how I’ve been incontact with you through my alt :slight_smile:

(Agent en Distel) #53

at first it took a while to get in touch with Imiarr but once the first emails got exchanged it all warked out pretty quick.
great service

(Elizabeth Norn) #54


(StevieW) #55

Was sending mail on Imiarr Timshae from Wheelin’ Dealin’ Dickey 4 days ago… still waiting answer.

(Major Ronon) #56

Is this Service still active @Imiarr_Timshae ?

(StevieW) #57

Lookd like not=(

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