Two Green-ish Pilots LF Corp


Myself (15.5M SP) and my friend, @Razzar_Riraille (11M SP) are looking for our first corp. We’ve typically run solo or together and still have lots to learn.

We’re currently interested in scanning (we’ve been in the odd WH for a looksie), ratting / PVE missions, and the odd bit of mining. Our PVP has been limited to getting caught in low-sec or a WH with our pants down. But, that doesn’t mean we’re adverse to PVP – we’re just not very good at it currently. And, we’re pretty much open to trying anything in-game.

We’re typically available weeknights from 00:00 to 04:00 EVE time (8:00 pm to 12:00am EDT) and weekend times can vary, but we’d make every effort to make corp events / ops.

We’re both mature players, residing in Canada, with jobs and families and those will always take precedence.

Anyway, trying to keep this short… So, reply here or message us in-game if you think we’d be a fit for your corp or if you have any questions.


hey man i got you, we part of a small high sec corp looking for all types of pilots, contact thebradoflife on our discord channel

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Hey, Doin It Wrong is a C4 corp with plans of moving into a C5. Our current hole (C4 w/ C4-C3 statics) allows for a plethora of PVP and PVE content. We are willing to help you and your friend learn PVP if you’re open to constructive criticism and guidance.

Our advert is here: [C5 WH PVP] Doin It Wrong is recruiting PVP Pilots!

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Yarrr :parrotbeer:


Just sent you an in-game mail.

Hope to hear from you soon as it looks like we might be a good fit.

Fly safe!

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I feel late to the party!

I am not longer bag of this group but they are great and I said I’d keep my eyes open…

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Sounds like you’d be an ideal fit for us. We have a whole range of activities available for you to try and see what you like.

Hi Dahc,

Come and take a look at Pathway to the Next. Your play times are our primetime as well. We reside in a c4 WH with c4/5 statics and have access to all of the things you mentioned.

Drop into our recruit channel, P-NXT Recruit, to learn more.

I hope to see you there.


Hey Dahc!

Do you have any interest in BLOPS (black ops), Stealth dropping, etc? We’re a BLOPS focused corp living in sov null that could use just a few more pilots. Check out our recruitment post and and hop in recruitment channel/discord and an HR member will contact your asap!

You guys should look into Eve University for your first corp…they hold a lot of classes and are very helpful getting new players on their feet, even in PVP.

After you get some more experience, save my name and reach out to me for something bigger…we should talk.

Hi mate

If you’re intrested in wormhole space have a look at us at solstice rises very social corp and we are new bro friendly

Have a look at our corp add and see what you think hope to hear from you both

Active, Nullsec Corp with plenty of PVP Learning, SRP for newer pilots who don’t have the means to replace PVP ships easily etc. Active comms and plenty of fleets for you to join at your leisure.

Check us out,

Hi Dahc,

Have a chat with us at The Riot Formation [RIOT.]

Lots of content at the moment as we’repart of Darkness [DARK.] so have a look at the news channels for GOTG news!

We’re a self sufficient corp meaning there is opportunity for ratting and mining with one of our most experienced pilots heading our industry.

Would be great to have a chat.

We’re US timezone and EU so should accommodate your times with ease.

Speak to Undeadenemy (US) or you can also speak to Wishdokkta CEO

Here’s a post from Wish with some more info:

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