[UNF-A] Eugales VI Arcology and Terraforming Initiative

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A reminder that the Receiving Center is active and available to those wishing to visit the main Arcology.

Other arcologies are progressing slowly in construction due to a seasonal uptick in the severity of the world storm in several regions.


With the Crimson Harvest currently underway, the UNF has put in place heightened security measures and increased patrols around the Masariin Gazaar arcology, and construction sites of other in-progress arcologies on Eugales VI, to prevent any would be blood raider assaults.


Be nice if CONCORD’s new AEGIS division would intervene.

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With the seasonal substorms beginning to abate, and the Crimson Harvest seeming to be winding down, work at other arcology construction sites will be returning to regular pace. Heighten security will remain in place for a further period of two weeks before being returned to normal levels.

The Masariin Gazaar arcology’s baseliner community continues to grow, and is projected to reach 200,000 civilian individuals sometime later in the month, plenty of room remains in residential districts for the arcology, but the inflow has been regulated to ensure growth is sustainable. Hydrophonics systems for the arcology have also been producing a surplus, a portion of which is being exported to help cover some of the operational costs.


I’m pleased to announce that the Masariin Gazaar has surpassed 200,000 civilian population this past Friday, most are adjusting well and further civilian applications to the Arcology are in processing, though screening procedures for both applicants and imports have been increased due to the discovery and dismantling of a Syrikos Hound puppymill back on November 14th, being operated by a small group of individuals who have all been detained and deported from the Arcology.
The recovered pups have since been examined by veterinary professionals, and those that survived have been re-homed where possible. Humane euthanasia was unfortunately necessary in all cases for the breeding pairs recovered with the pups.


Good day pilots, I bring an update on the security situation at the Masariin Gazaar, as well as the ongoing construction efforts on other parts of the planet.
Firstly, I must announce the unexpected and unfortunate disappearance of Mr. Gendari, the previous Planetary Security Officer and Operations Overseer for Safety detachments on Eugales VI, including at the Masariin Gazaar arcology. Queries have been made to old ports of call he frequented in the past, as well as other likely locations he may have gone to with no success. With this in mind, a new Operations Overseer for Security and Safety detachments has been assigned and is undergoing orientation. He will be introducing himself in the next several days.
Continuing on, construction efforts in the Shuurga Basin, some ninety-seven kilometers to the southeast of the Masariin Gazaar and the Kentii Rift Valley, have passed the half-way point for the colonial center, with work on the terraforming structures lagging behind slightly. Other construction locations are expected to pass the twenty-five percent mark for completion in some few weeks.
In closing, groundside hangars built into the cliffs near the Masariin Gazaar have been expanded to include appropriate equipment to house and maintain response wings of drop-ships and fighters to further raise security capabilities.
Thank you for your time.

Sterling Blades
Windstalker Security Corp


Due to unforseen circumatances, the current candidate for Planetary Security Overseer has been unable to take on his responsibilities. Moving forward for the interim, I will be taking on the responsibilities therein, alongside my existing security work, until a new candidate is chosen or the current is able to sufficiently assume the responsibilities.


As Warden of Avalon I would like to announce that the Bosena Accords have entered into an agreement with the UNF to provide additional security to the Eugales VI colony.

The exact size, scale, and capabilities of our presence planetside is on a need-to-know basis for reasons that should be obvious. However I can confirm that Juno Tristan, our head of structure security and defense, will oversee our operations personally. He has asked that I deliver the following message on his behalf:

"Following the increased tensions between the UNF and ever encroaching threat of Serpentis backed rogue warclones on the Eugales VI colony, the Neopian Federation has contacted us with a request to deploy a small force planetside to act as an auxhillary security detail. These troops, while operating under the Bosena Accords supervision and oversight, comprise of a diverse background of specialists hand-selected to serve not only as a security force but also as technical specialists in high-risk environments. _

“Given our extensive experience and new rearmament strategy, we believe this contract will be mutually beneficial and act as the first step in building our network within the UNF. We expect any hypothetical engagement arising from the defense of the colony meet the necessary conditions set out in Concord’s reclamation mandate. I look forward to working alongside the colonists of Eugales VI, and hope that this will be the start of a prosperous future for the UNF and the soldiers of the Bosena Accords.”

Further reports are to follow. Rikaato.


Good evening pilots, today I have a few brief updates on the Masariin Gazaar Arcology, as well as other construction locations on Shine Ekhlel(Eugales VI).

The Masariin Gazaar has reached another population milestone at 400,000 civilian individuals, and now also has had its first non-UNF capsuleer, Kriax Aulmais of Unity Ventures, purchase a residence in one of the main residential districts of the Arcology.

Additionally, progress continues with the moving of Bosena Accord assets into their operational center in the Gazaar, no delays are expected for this process at this time and I look forward to with both Mr. Tristan and Mr. Eskola-Fae more indepth, when time allows. The details pertaining to their scope of presence remains need-to-know, and will not be disclosed here.

An unexpected increase in substorm activity around the Shuurga Basin has forced a temporary halt to construction efforts in that area, the duration of this halt will last until substorm activity returns to acceptable background.

Thank you all for your time.


Hello pilots, I have another update.

The recent spike in substorm activity in the Shuurga Basin has begun to abate. Due to the unexpected nature of the spike, and the necessity for swift evacuation of personnel out of the basin, a number of materials and equipment were left exposed to the elements for the past ten days, leaving them damaged and in a state of disrepair. To this end, I have authorized a series of buy orders in the Eugales system, at the Eugales VII - Moon 9 - FedMart Retail Centeer, to replace damaged components and materials lost to the storm.

In addition to lost and damaged materials, other materials are listed to further bring the construction in the Shuurga Basin, and other locations, back on track.

A word of warning to those wishing to contribute to this, the systems of Oulley, and Ostingele, traditional ingress points to relatively short transits through lowsec to Eugales have been heavily camped by both pirate, and mercenary entities as of late. Extra caution is advised.

Thank you all for your time, Fair Fortunes.


Good Evening Pilots,

I have a brief update. The material buy orders have expired, and while there was not as much activity as was hoped, those that have contributed have helped bring the construction in the Shuurga Basin on Shine Ekhlel(Eugales VI) back on track, but it remains behind schedule.

A list of the contributors and their specific contributions will be compiled and posted at a later date.

The Masariin Gazaar Arcology center in the Kentii Rift Valley remains fully operational, and other construction locations are ontrack.

Thank you all for you time, Fair Fortunes.


Hello pilots,

As promised, the list of contributors who wished to be publicly noted, and their contributions has been compiled and will be listed below.

A member of Apocalypse Now. contributed 835,138 units of targeted bacterial cultures in a single run, netting over 250m isk for themselves in the process

A small group of individuals from the Intaki Syndicate Militia [-1SM-] contributed a mix of Construction Blocks, Mechanical Parts, Nuclear Reactors, and Smartfab Units, collectively netting themselves 260m isk

An unknown individual also contributed 20 units of generalized Construction Materials by way of jetcan near the orbital customs office over the planet, as there was no transponder tag associated with this jetcan, a reward was unable to be levied for this contribution, whoever you are, you do have our thanks.

Further thanks go to those who contributed, but wished for themselves, and their specific contributions to remain anonymous.

Thank you all for your time, Fair Fortunes.


Hello again Pilots,

Another day, another construction and general status update.

Construction in the Shuurga Basin remains behind schedule, but it slowly making progress toward the original schedule, substorm activity in the area has been minimal, allowing for increased productivity during daylight hours. Completion of this colony and terraforming center at the current rate is projected in three months, twelve days. Population capacity is expected to be roughly half that of the Masariin Gazaar Arcology center.

The Masariin Gazaar Arcology itself has reached another population milestone, at 500,000 civilians registered for residence, with another 210,439 currently in processing to receive residential registration. With the increasing number of civilians living at the Arcology, and increasing combat activity in the system from the factional militias, security measures are being further increased to ensure their safety, including further expansion of groundside hangars to increase defensive fighter, and dropship storage capacity, with appropriate personnel allocated for the maintenance and operation of such, and additional defensive batteries to those already in place around the Arcology, to target falling debris or other threats from this increase in activity.

Thank you for your time, and Fair Fortunes.


Due to recent activity in the system of Eugales, all shuttles and other ground to space traffic on Eugales VI(Shine Ekhlel) barring specific capsuleer planetary industry imports and exports, are suspended until further notice. A more comprehensive public release will be made at a later date.


I hope this suspension is not due to too serious a problem. If it is, though, I am sure I would not be alone in offering all possible support.


An update on the current situation at the Masariin Gazaar arcology.

Back on the 3rd of June, an incident occurred that eventually lead to the destruction of an Echo Class Corvette carrying multiple militants, later identified as pirate Clone Soldiers affiliated with the Angel Cartel and Serpentis Corporation. The corvette was on an atmospheric exit trajectory when response forces arrived on scene, and subsequently tackled and destroyed 33.2km above the surface with the assistance of Karina Schiffer of the Valkyrie’s Curse corporation. Wreckage was rapidly tractored away and the surviving crew and Clone Soldiers detained.

The Echo had, prior to this, managed to slip into a temporary breach in the arcology’s defensive net, caused by what was initially believed to be a system error, allowing it to set down near the Industrial Districts and deploy a number of clone soldiers and their support equipment. Only half of the warclone compliment was deployed before response fighters from the nearby surface hangar began to force the corvette off, and into the responding vessels in the stratosphere. This necessitated the initial lockdown of travel too and from the Arcology.

The deployed Clone Soldiers managed to make it to the cover of the industrial districts, and began causing havoc with automated systems, and began skirmishing with Arcology Security Forces and Warclone Auxiliaries belonging primarily to the Bosena Accords, as they began to setup their support equipment in Industrial Block H4-DL3Y, and hijacked the local computing network of the Block to gain control of blast door controls and automated functions, and were able to quickly fortify it as a base of operations.

These interlopers were able to be contained to the Industrial Blocks immediately surrounding Block H4-DL3Y , and skirmishes continued from then, to the current date, and are now fully contained to Block H4-DL3Y, and will soon be detained in one form or other, or eradicated as their biomass reserves fully deplete.

The defensive net breach was later identified as having been a deliberate act of sabotage perpetrated by an individual already planetside, who was later caught attempting to cause a second breach, managing to recreate the entry corridor a second time long enough for a Wreathe class industrial to hotdrop a limited resupply of biomass to the pirate warclones, before executing a warp jump just beyond the Stratosphere. The culprit has been detained, and will be held until the current situation is dealt with, at which point his own fate will be decided.

Tally of damages incurred, and security force casualties will be released once the situation has been fully rectified.


Reinforcements from Draugr Division and the Glatisant Tribunal have arrived on-scene to support the situation on Eugales VI. We will continue to work side-by-side with our friends in the UNF to end the conflict. Whether that means negotiating a ceasefire or eliminating all hostiles is entirely up to the pirates.



With the recent cessation of hostilities in the H4-DL3Y Industrial Block, a final report of actions and damages is in the process of being compiled.


It has been some time, and due to extenuating circumstances, the damage report for the Masariin Gazaar Arcology’s industrial sector was delayed longer than expected.

Damages to the industrial sector totalled 38,401,692 isk, with extensive damage specifically to production centers contained primarily within the H4-DL3Y Industrial Block.

Material Expenditure and Biomass losses for the Bosena Accords during the operation is estimated roughly 40,000,000 isk.

Arcology Security Operations personnel losses were minimal during the course of the containment.