[US/AU/EU] C2 C5-NS Wormhole Corp - Bob's Bait and Tackle Is Recruiting

Active Group Looking for more pilots. Amazing PI and a Hs Static to always make it out.

We are still looking for pilots to join us for pvp and industry fun. Come get in on the ground floor and help us build this thing.

I’m looking for a small/medium sized wormhole corp. I may be interested. Can we speak in game?

Check us out!

We are still recruiting

We are recruiting

Yo I am a returning player looking for a wh corp

Been sat in your recruitment channel for 4 days now, you sure you are recruiting?

And this is invalid.

Still looking for pilots to join the fun

We are growing and still recruiting. Come check out the Corp with the coolest Ticker in the game.

Come join get in on the ground floor with us and help us grow while making a ton of isk.