[USTZ] Blood Alcohol Content | C4 WH Disturbing Silence

BAC is a corporation for people that want to give the wormhole life a chance, kill things, and have fun playing eve. We’re currently looking to add to our USTZ presence as part of the Disturbing Silence (DISI) Alliance.

We offer:

  • C4 with C5/C3 statics
  • PVE activities (Reactions, C5 farming, etc.)
  • Armor/Nano and more
  • Typical manufacturing infrastructure
  • Relaxed/casual atmosphere

What we expect of our recruits:

  • Willingness to PVP when content arises in the chain
  • Self-sufficient (Do not depend on others for daily activities)
  • Ability to fly Drekavac/Logi/other complimentary fleet ships
  • Able to scan and use bookmarks/mappers properly
  • Don’t be a dick


  • 50M SP
  • Basic scanning & wormhole experience (Players willing to learn)
  • Mic & Discord
  • Alliance auth and audit
  • That beautiful smile :slight_smile:


Blood Alcohol Content | Corporation | zKillboard

Disturbing Silence. | Alliance | zKillboard

In Game Channel : B.A.C. Public