Ventures need a new

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That’s because 99.9% of player generated ideas are exactly what you said. Wet cow turds. And like wet cow turds they should be avoided. Maybe that’s why CCP doesn’t pay any attention to these forums.


OP needs to stop gatekeeping all the new ideas

Oh cool, more from this guy.

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Man you must not have a life. Please subscribe to continue to follow me through eve online lol

What I was thinking, what were they thinking and doing for two years as they pulled a pay check.

My guy, you seem a bit salty.

May I suggest Stardew?

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I have had some salt and lost a bit hear or there but salty is as salty does. Honestly this game has become a major FUBAR and my salty meter went past 51% and pegged out a 110%. So now to relieve those negative vibrations with beautiful thoughts I release the laughter of the pegged out to the masses. Enjoy. Stardew wont cut it but a few quart jars of Apple jack should do just fine. Until then

You realize the more you cry on these forums, the more CCP shows they’ve utterly beaten you right?

You say the game is FUBAR and you hate it and blah blah.

But you’re still here. Sacrificing time to it.

CCP has beaten you utterly LOL. You hate it, yet still participate.

It is delicious :smiley:

Do you realize that some of us just don’t GAS and have a serious case of the IDGAF as far as this game goes one way or the other. You are only beaten in your own mind and my mind belongs to me. Blowing off steam and having some fun is not being beaten just being pegged and letting them know it. I do this because I can, because its fun and because it is getting the desired affect. Peace

So spent a bit trying to decipher this.

However, it really is immaterial.

You claim its fun and just blowing off steam.

But the sad panda waves coming off of you are palpable.

CCP has won :smiley:

It definitely beat you and continues to do so every time you cry over these forums.

Its the truth bruv :smiley:

At least try to quit the field with some dignity.

Oh stop with the condescending insults all ready. I type from this alt to preserve my mains for griefers and will continue to do so. Why because it get people like you to step up with your condescending attitudes and try and correct me. You have been ganked if you want to look at it another way, eve is a sand box

Ah. so you’re a coward as well :smiley:

Got it :smiley:

Haven’t been ganked yet bruv, sorry.

Not condescension, merely the truth.

CCP beat you. And continues to do so :smiley:

And unlike you, this is my main bruv :smiley:

Imagine being so afraid in a vidya game you hide behind alts LOL.

And you have the last word like any woman bravo, you win now go get a beer or some box wine

Woman? Besides the casual sexism here, it appears your eyes also need some work :smiley:

My guy, you’re the one hiding behind an alt in a vidya game cause you’re scared of getting blapped :smiley:

Reading your posts and laughing?

I donno? Become a shareholder and make them pull their actuals.

I am just bored, and looking for laughs thanks that you got it. Some just got bent out of shape and went into a twisted britches fest. How about when the game finally does tank we eve players form a company buy shares buy the game at basement value prices and hire the old devs back. All profits after dividends stay in the game to make it Great Again.

You know, I like the idea of that. But one thing that life has taught me is it’s constantly changing and there are seasons. And seasons come and go. It may not be in the best interest to try and keep a game that died alive. Probably best to let it go with dignity and grace and use that time to build something new.

True. But I have a tendency not to quit, I see a flailing wounded animal here (self induced) and as a Alpha see the opportunity for food. I read your posts, well balanced, thanks for responding

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Which is such a mystery to me. Why would you be scared and hide behind an alt to avoid getting blapped when the central premises of this game, is blapping spaceships?


And then theres a whole group of people that will argue till they are blue in the face that EvE is a happy land of rainbows unicorns that barf up ISK into their wallets and anything that disrupts that is somehow toxic.

And if you refute it, they resort to flagging posts. It’s insane.

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