WAFFLES IS RECRUITING Low sec/Null sec/ WH PVP Pilots!

New Years day 2018 Shenanigans. Join us at our in game channel, WAFFLES Recruitment, and chat with a recruiter!

Come at us! WAFFLES Recruitment!

Want to know our safe word? It’s definitely not “pineapple juice”. Come talk to a recruiter.

PUBROAM also happening Thursday night 21:00 Eve time from Kinakka! Free ships to be had!

Still recruiting

KB green! Come play along!

Looking for new folks to join our negative gravity shenanigans!

Join our pub roams if you’d like to try us out

Lots of new bros joining us so far. Come have a chat with one of our recruiters! WAFFLES Recruitment in game channel!

Active pirates needed.

Still hiring! :slight_smile: Here is more information too in you’re interested.

Recruiting on Reddit!

Still recruiting!

Experiences from a brand new Waffle! 11 Days with Waffles

Come hang out with us. Karaoke night coming in April!!!

Did someone say…karaoke?

Pub roam today was fun times! Still recruiting. :wink:

You know the best ship is friendship, right? Come check out what Waffles has to offer. Join us in our recruitment channel! All details in original post.

Come get boson’d with us! Mistakes were made but much fun was had!

Still recruiting. If you’re willing to learn, we’re willing to teach.

Waffles is still recruiting if you’re looking for a new home full of PVP!

Waffles is still recruiting. Check out this interview with one of our awesome directions, Eonan Dmalum!