Wallet & Market transactions stopped updating

The transactions (all tabs: ISK, Market, PLEX) under Personal Wallet stopped updating a week ago. Jan 8 is the last time. The summary data at the top of the Personal Wallet screen is showing the correct current total ISK and PLEX amounts, however.

iPhone 8 Plus running latest iOS.

Hello! Please remove the character with the issue from the login list and add him/her again back to the app. Please let us know if this works for you.

It affects all characters in the app. In the time since I posted my question, I’ve tried removing a character and adding it back, but that didn’t help. Market data stopped updating a day or so later.

This problem has improved greatly since I started this thread. So much so that I no longer feel like I need to login to the game to check if it’s accurate. It’s much more reliable now.