Welcome to the Agency - Feedback


(Cmdr Clawhammer) #119

I liked the old daily mission much more where we had to kill pirates to get skill points.

(Thrax Crendraven) #120

its broken

(Raffzahn) #121

I see you get the point :)) and now add less than perfect translation for a real screwed up expierinace.

(Raudur Froskur) #122

Oh come on! It’s a piece of tradition!

(CCP Dragon) #123

You shouldn’t.

(CCP Dragon) #124

The following issues should be resolved on Tranquility:

  • Bonus challenges have been changed to require kills rather than dungeon completions
  • Localization is now available for all of the Agency, except for the 2 bonus challenges

We are currently working on the following:

  • Database optimization - we apparently were about break the server and someone said we’re not allowed to do that
  • Localization for the 2 bonus challenges
  • Challenges stuck at 0 seconds - this is a visual issue and there is a work around: resize the game client window (even relogging doesn’t fix it, I’m so confused; the team has a fix for this coming soon)

We are aware of the following and will continue monitoring:

  • Challenge stuck at 100% complete but not going into the timer stage

(Felyx Ravencroft) #125

If the intention is to encourage people to spend some time in the underrated and underused battlecruisers, then I think this is a good way to do it - those who want the extra points or simply to make the challenge “complete” can do so, but without the ridiculous hoops we were jumping through before, of refitting a BC (with the possible exception of some Gnosis users, I guess) with a probe launcher. :thumbsup:t6:

(Aspecter en Welle) #126

Thank you!

(Erebus 'TheChin' Sundance) #127

For future Agency event rewards, would concord LP be out of the question?

(Andrew Indy) #128

Kills of what? Scanned and completed a Dirty site in a Legion a just after DT and I got the base complete a sig reward but not the T3 specific one. Do we need to full clear now?

(Nora Maldoran) #129

Absolutely this! sigh

Now I’m not sad about “The Agency” anymore, but the lack of communication around it. :confused:
Just tell the people you are testing. They will participate regardless!

(DonFlorica Tissant) #130

I like the implementation of this event but the rewards are too small and for many players the final goal probably can not be achieved .
I an a low skilled player living in lowsec , don’t have T3 Cruiser and I don’t usually do Combat Signature Scans .

(Aspecter en Welle) #131

@CCP_Dragon you fix showing, but texts are incorrect.

New tasks in English

New tasks in Russian

In russian you use prevous translate version:

  1. Locate and complete combat signature on BC
    0/10 sites complete
  2. Locate and complete combat signature in T3C
    0/10 sites complete

Upd. Same problem with other languages.

(CCP Dragon) #132

It has been considered as a very desirable thing. The problem is the feasibility at the moment. I’m sure the team can make it happen, but we also have a lot of other changes we want to make. TLDR it is in our backlog of things we want to do but not a priority yet.

Pirates. It is a mirror of the kill pirates challenge but requiring a BC/T3C instead.

The Agency will always be testing. The event system might become more stable and less changes happen to it over time. But we’ll always be testing out something (new content, new modules, new ships, new etc).

Yes. This is why I said the following:

The new challenges are incorrectly translated, but we should have a new and correct translation for them by next week. I completely understand the confusion around this and I was very upset that we did not get this fixed in time for today’s patch. I’m very sorry.

(Urlos Rinah) #134

“Challenges stuck at 0 seconds” - is not only visual issue, i did some of this with grat margin and no reward had been granter

(Felyx Ravencroft) #135

Here’s a thought: the anti-dailies crowd will always see these for what they are, regardless of how you dress it up. So, why not simply drop the sham, call this spade what it is, and change from the current timer system to a simple blanket reset at daily downtime? I figure it should be easier to implement (likely avoiding these zero-timer issues and the like) and maintain, and also would prevent certain annoyances for players. Here’s a scenario: say that someone typically plays for 3 hours daily starting at a certain time, but on one occasion (goes for drinks with colleagues after work, say) logs in a lot later, then (being somewhat tipsy) doesn’t consider the implications of doing the challenges - from the following day onward, that player now has to be logged in much later to get them done, perhaps till an inconvenient time. Whether by foregoing doing them in the first place (wasn’t THAT tipsy after all) or by missing the next day, that player ends up skipping a cycle even though he/she plays every day, if he/she wants/is able to maintain normal routine. Daily downtime (or midnight, or whenever - downtime seems the logical choice, though) resets would pretty much avoid that sort of problem.

To me, this looks like it would be good for you folks (CCP), and for your audience - that’s a win/win.

Just a thought…

(Nana Skalski) #136

This will not always be tested I think. CCP can drop the further development of feature if they will think its not helping anything. They removed features better than that.

(StonerPhReaK) #137

I’m wondering how this was on the test server. Being tested for bugs. And these bugs still make it to the live server. Day one. Its as if it was tested on completely different code than what the live server runs.

(Duo Roman) #138

Good events are those with scoopable loot, specially if the loot is worth going suspect over it. Some people only did the event for the chance of engaging suspects or being engaged while suspect.

(Felyx Ravencroft) #139

I’m afraid that I can’t agree - that’s a good event FOR YOU - but not for everyone. (I, for example, found myself doing really well in the Rogue Drone event, but still getting bored out of my mind, and abandoned it after just a couple of days as a pointless waste of time.) There needs to be some variety to events, not have them all clones of the recent Angel or Rogue Drone events. Those events serve the desires and suit the resources and play-style of one subset of players, to the exclusion of others. A good event is INCLUSIVE, NOT exclusive. Also, define “good loot” - because whatever is being dropped in such an event will quickly end up in oversupply, thus devaluing dramatically (we’ve seen it before), so making the drops “good” for the duration of an event must be quite tricky, but vital in order to keep the interest of the majority of players.

In any case, I think that thinking of The Agency as being “an event” may in the end prove to be inaccurate, as it feels like it’s being tested for long-term or even permanent deployment.